Calculation programs

Below you will find EXHAUSTO's free calculation programs. Use them to find the right unit or fan for your project. 


Quick select
Here, you can quickly and easily select the product which matches your ventilation task. You will also see the gross prices for the products. 


Here you can select your product and perform detailed calculations relating to capacity, sound and economy, etc. 

living calculator    Living Calculator
When planning residential ventilation projects, you can use the Living Calculator to work out the optimum system solution for your project. 
CO2 beregner    CO2 calculator
Calculate the CO2 level and air volume for the room. 
  VEX308 - Selector
Calculate the CO2 level and sound and energy data.

Climaster Designer Ikon  

ClimasterDesigner for calculations of ZCN and ZCF products, download the installation file onto your computer.

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