VEX4000RHP, reversible heat pump for VEX4000

Ventilation, heating and cooling in an air handling unit - simple, reliable and energy-efficient


The climate crisis calls for other solutions

The growing climate crisis has led the EU to set ambitious environmental targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A precondition for achieving these targets is the general electrification of energy consumption, i.e. energy consumption is “moved” from fossil fuels to electricity. Here the heat pump is an energy-efficient and sustainable solution, since the energy used to move heat out or in to the building is much lower than the heating/cooling effect that is achieved. The sustainability of a heat pump is further increased if it is powered by electricity from “green” energy sources.

Heat pump combined with ventilation

The requirements for energy efficiency and low energy consumption for ventilation solutions have generated a lot of focus on combining heat recovery with an integrated heat pump. By combining ventilation, heating and cooling in a single air handling unit, a solution is achieved which is very energy-efficient and much simpler than traditional cooling solutions with cooling machines and piping on the roof.  

VEX4000RHP, reversible heat pump for VEX4000

When you choose VEX4000RHP, you get ventilation, heating and cooling in a single air handling unit - simple, reliable and energy-efficient. This means that with one calculation in EXselectPRO, you get an overview and the technical data for the whole installation. The installation itself is much more simple, because the entire solution is contained in a single air handling unit, and likewise, maintenance also becomes simpler and cheaper. At the same time, the solution saves space, since the integrated solution frees up space that would otherwise have been used for the heating and cooling installations. 

Other benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to configure, install and maintain
  • Very reliable and long lifetime
  • Compact design
  • Designed in accordance with VDI6022-1

Example of output

Cooling and heating capacity, calculated for a VEX4030 RHP with airflow of 4,342 m³/h.

Winter: Heating  Summer: Cooling
Outdoor temperatures: -10 °C to + 10 °C 
Supply air temperature: 22 ℃
Extract air temperature: 22 ℃ 
Air humidity (RH): 40%
 Ikon-sommer-sol Outdoor air temperature: 26–35°C 
Supply air temperature: 17 ℃
Extract air temperature: 25 ℃ 
Air humidity (RH): 50%


The diagram shows how much of the capacity comes from the heat exchanger and heat pump respectively at different outdoor temperatures – under the stated conditions. The bottom row in the diagram (COP/EER) refers to the cooling/heating pump’s energy efficiency at the individual outdoor temperature levels.

How the cooling/heating pump’s efficiency is calculated






Energy Efficiency Ratio

States the ratio between the cooling effect, which the heat pump supplies and the energy it uses

Energy consumption = 3.0 kW
Cooling capacity = 15.8 kW

EER = 15.8 / 3 = 5.3


Coefficient Of Performance

States the ratio between the heating power, which the heat pump supplies and the energy it uses

Energy consumption = 1.5 kW
Heating capacity = 15.8 kW

COP = 15.8 / 1.5 = 10.3

Two variants

We supply the VEX4000 with a reversible heat pump in two variants:


Here the rotary heat exchanger is positioned between the evaporator and the condenser.

With this solution you get:

  • The lowest energy consumption
  • Option for cold recovery


Here the heat exchanger and heat pump are positioned in separate modules. This solution can be chosen with either a rotary heat exchanger or a crossflow heat exchanger.

With this solution you get:

  • A compact solution, i.e. easier on-site transport of modules
  • No need for de-icing

Learn more about the VEX4000 modular unit here


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