Effluent capture capability

Measurement method
Effluent capture capability is measured  in accordance with SS 433 05 01.

Measurement set-up

The drawings show the measurement setup for determining the  cooker hood's effluent capture capability.
”The disruptive element” is supposed to illustrate a moving person, giving a realistic motion to the air in the room in front of the cooker hood and helping to give the measurement method practical use.

Special low-volume cooker hoods (standard):

The effluent capture capability for low-volume cooker hoods is measured with the hood mounted at a distance of 500 mm from the top of the cooker/hob to the bottom of the grease filter, in accordance with SS433 05 01.

An effluent capture of 75% is achieved with the following airflows for the different types and variants.

Name Model Airflow 
Contrast ESL135SE (integral)  165 m3/h
Soft ESL135WE/WM  165 m3/h
Soft ESL135WE/WM with high-volume skirt  140 m3/h
Cube ESL125AE (integral)  150 m3/h
Stripe ESL145AE  165 m3/h

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