VEX100 Measurement setup, capacity measurement

Calculation example, VEX100

Measurement set-up


Calculation example

Desired external output  qV = 1800 l/s (6500 m3/h)
pt = 250 Pa 
Selected solution

VEX170-1 F7 filters
External pressure output pt = 250 Pa

Pressure drop supplement: F7 filters, pt = 28 Pa

Total pressure output, pt = 278 Pa

Reading specific power consumption, SFP = 2430 J/m3

Absorbed power P1 =2430 x 1800 x 10-3 = 4375 Watt


VEX170-1FC kapacitetskurver

Thik line Capacity curve with M5 filters
Doddet line SFP curve (J/m3)
Thin line Operating curves

A: Pressure drop supplement with F7 filters

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