Product testing

EXHAUSTO has a long tradition of product testing – thorough testing has always been part of our foundation for supplying high-quality products.

By testing we mean:

  • Testing during development of new products
  • Testing by third parties in connection with certification, e.g. Eurovent
  • Testing of products before delivery

Testing during development of new products

EXHAUSTO is ISO9000 certified, and this involves thorough product development procedures and, at their heart, a number of mandatory test procedures. In addition, all measurements are carried out with calibrated measurement equipment.

The following is a brief account of the most important types of testing. In the absence of a reference to a particular standard, tests are carried out in accordance with internal procedures and long-term experience.

We carry out testing within three main areas:

  • Output and energy (energy consumption and temperature efficiency)
  • Noise (noise emitted to ducts and noise emitted to surroundings)
  • Safety (testing of motors, heating coils and control systems; also testing of frost protection of heat exchangers)

Testing by third parties

EXHAUSTO VEX units are Eurovent-certified. This means that a third party (e.g. TÜV or the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) have verified the data provided in product information and calculation programs. See more about Eurovent.


Product testing before delivery

All products are subject to a detailed final test, in which functions, power consumption, temperatures etc. are tested. Test data is logged and saved in a database for later use.



Calculation programs

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