Safety testing of new products

In the following you can read more about the tests we perform when developing a new product


Frost protection of heat recovery units
EXHAUSTO has a climate chamber for year-round testing under extreme conditions, all the way down to -35°C. Here the control strategies which protect against ice formation in the heat recovery unit are tested (in practice this is most relevant for crossflow and counterflow heat exchangers).

Motor testing
All new motor types, including associated control electronics (e.g. motor controllers for EC motors), are tested under extreme temperature conditions, including measurement of the motor windings temperature.

Water heating coils
Heating coils are tested so as to ensure optimum air and water distribution and to ensure no frost damage can occur at low outdoor temperatures in individual coil circuits.

Electrically heated heating coils
Heating coils are tested to ensure optimum air distribution and to ensure that the overheating protection works as intended – i.e. that the heat is disconnected in the event of an error function before a risk of damage or fire can occur.

Control system
All functions in EXHAUSTO's various types of control system are thoroughly tested when adding new facilities to the associated software.

Risk assessment
Before we launch a new product, we review it in detail with regard to its safety for fitter, technician and user. At the same time we check that the product manual gives the correct safety advice.