The work of EXHAUSTO Institute

EXHAUSTO Institute performs various tasks

The Institute collaborates with:

The Institute sponsors:

Indoor climate research at the Danish University of Technology (DTU), International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIEE).

The Institute collaborates with:

Indoor climate research at Aalborg University (AAU), Section for Architectural Engineering.

The aim of the sponsorship and collaboration is to follow indoor climate research at close quarters and to help improve human health and well-being.

Conferences and Ventilation Day

EXHAUSTO Institute regularly participates in various conferences on Ventilation and Indoor Climate, both in order to follow developments and to share knowledge with the scientific world. Usually a report is written and in some cases articles are published about the content and new ideas from the conferences.

EXHAUSTO Institute arranges the EXHAUSTO Ventilation Day for the whole ventilation industry once a year for customer and business partners. These will typically include talks by researchers about legislation and new discoveries within Ventilation and Indoor Climate. See the talks from the latest Ventilation Day.

Our aim is to disseminate knowledge about high-quality, low-energy ventilation.

Legislation and standards

EXHAUSTO Institute takes part in various ways in the work of preparing legislation and standards. Read more about EXHAUSTO's work within the areas of Legislation and standards

Research projects

EXHAUSTO Institute participates in research projects, primarily within the areas of internal climate, heat recovery, energy, etc. and in this way seeks to cooperate with a number of organisations and research centres at home and abroad. EXHAUSTO Institute is also a member of the Center Committee at ICIEE/DTU, and is thus able to follow the research of this body at close quarters.




Organisation of EXHAUSTO Institute
Institute Director, Henning Grønbæk




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