PG RAHU Working Group

In late September, the Eurovent Summit was held in Krakow. On this occasion, EXHAUSTO's Product Manager Henning Grønbæk was elected chair of a working party for small air handling units. The working party's official title is Eurovent PG-RAHU (Product Group – Residential Air Handling Units) – in practice, air handling units under 1000 m3/h, with a primary focus on decentralised units.

On this page you will be able to find the presentations and minutes of  meetings:

10th January 2017

Meeting of the Eurovent Product Group "Residential Air Handling Units"

 PG RAHU 10-01-2017 Minutes of Meeting
Igor Sikonczyk,Eurovent
PG RAHU 10-01-2017
Standard updates: EN 13141-7
by Kazimierz Szybinski
Frapol Sp.z.o.o.
PG RAHU 10-01-2017
Standard updates: EN13142
by  Ing. Jaroslav Chlup 
PG RAHU 10-01-2017

Professor Bjarne W. Olesen
PG RAHU 10-01-2017

It's all about innovation

By Christian Gronborg Nicolaisen
TI, Energy and Climate


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