Bag filter or cassette filter?


With a VEX350-360-370, you can now choose between a bag filter and a cassette filter


VEX360 bagfilter

VEX350-360-370 - now with bag filter

Did you know that our large air handling units with counterflow heat exchanger, the VEX350-360-370 series, are now available with bag filters at the same reasonable price as before?

And if your customer prefers bag filters, it is possible to order a Retrofit Filter Kit, allowing easy conversion of a VEX350, VEX360 or VEX370 for use with a bag filter. The Retrofit Filter Kit contains a short instruction describing its assembly. You can also download instruction here - use the search field "Find product guidance" and search for publication nos. 3005493 (VEX350-360) and 3005494. (VEX370)

Contact EXHAUSTO for more information about VEX350-360-370 and bag filters.

Read more about VEX350-360-370 here.


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