VEX300T - the most space-saving solution!


When space is a problem - but you are unwilling to compromise on your chosen solution - we recommend VEX300T

VEX300T - a compact and
energy-efficient air handling unit with many benefits


About VEX300T

VEX300T is a VEX unit with top connections. It is fitted with a counterflow heat exchanger and integral cooling/heating coils. VEX300T is also a very quiet unit, so it is not necessary to locate it in a technical room - we have seen a solution where the unit was screened off in an entrance way to the company premises. 

VEX300T not only has a low-noise and compact design, but it is also a modern solution which fulfils the resident's desire for an optimum indoor climate.

This is because VEX300T can be ordered with pre-filtration, which gives an extra filtration of the outdoor air before the air is blown in.

Technical data

VEX300T comes with plenty of documentation - find all the technical data here - with links to various guidelines and other documentation. Find all the information about VEX300T here.


Once you have decided on a VEX300T, we are always willing to help with configuration. We can also offer attractive delivery times for VEX300T. Please contact our sales department for further information.


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