A good indoor climate means fresh, clean air in the home, school or workplace!


We are seeing more and more focus on good indoor climate


Focus on better indoor climate

Our end users are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a good indoor climate - not just in the home, but also in school and at the workplace - for well-being, efficiency and hard work.

A good indoor climate is dependent on many factors - one of them being adequate ventilation - but where air quality is also of vital importance.

Designed for hygiene

It is important that the air is not contaminated on its way into the room. For this reason, all our VEX air handling units are made from materials and components which prevent the formation of bacterial growth and, in the same way, the individual modules and parts are easy to clean. 

Extra: Certified hygiene

Synlab - VEX4000 VDI posterIn some projects, it may be necessary to demonstrate that the ventilation unit complies with high hygiene requirements. For this reason, it is now possible to order our VEX4000 modular units in a VDI-certified version. This means that the air handling unit meets a number of hygiene guidelines, and that this has been certified by an independent laboratory. 

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