DEX3000, decentral unit

In General

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation

In general

Decentralised ventilation for schools, institutions and offices

A decentralised ventilation unit is a simple solution where one ventilation unit is placed in each room with separate connection through a wall or ceiling/roof. The simple installation means no need to fit ventilation ducts. The DEX3000 air handling units can be installed on an ongoing basis in line with needs and budgets, and th the installation can be carried out classroom by classroom, section by section, without affecting the school’s normal operation.

DEX3000 is available in three sizes:

  • DEX3060 (max. Erp airflow 650 m³/h)
  • DEX3090 (max. Erp airflow 900 m³/h)
  • DEX3120 (max. Erp airflow 1,400 m³/h)


The DEX3000 gives you 

  • A great learning environment thanks to a well-ventilated room with a quiet unit 
  • High temperature efficiency
  • Easy and flexible installation – multiple connection options
  • Multiple filter solutions – adaptable to room type and outdoor air quality
  • Facility for central monitoring of several units



Configuring DEX3000

DEX3000 is configured in the calculation tool EXselectPRO. Choose from:

  • Model:
    - DEX3060
    - DEX3090
    - DEX3120
  • Type:
    - Standard
    - Partially integrated
  • Cabinet:
    - White
  • Integrated cooling or heating coil:
    - water heating coil
    - electric heating coil (2 sizes)
    - cooling coil
    - change-over coil
    - no coil
  • Control system:
    - integrated EXcon control system
    - prepared for third-party control system
Semi-integrated Installation

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation 

Semi-integrated installation

DEX3000 can also be ordered in a design intended for semi-integrated installation in a suspended ceiling. In this way, a large part of the air handling unit is hidden in the suspended ceiling, while the bottom part from which the supply air exits will be visible. This results in a discreet and compact installation that does not significantly reduce the ceiling height. 


Capacity Ranges

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation

Capacity ranges, DEX3060, DEX3090 and DEX3120

DEX3000 Standard and Partially Integrated Airflow

Capacity ranges-DEX3000

Mounting, Options and Placement

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation


The unit is attached to the ceiling using the mounting brackets provided. It is important to note whether the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling construction is sufficient to support the unit; find the unit’s weight under technical data. For detailed instructions, please refer to the assembly instructions.

If the outdoor air and exhaust air go directly backwards through the wall, we recommend using the two transport brackets for extra fixing – see drawing below.


Wallbracket for  A
DEX3060  420 98,6 80 1,0 
DEX3090 420 98,6 80 1,0
DEX3120 522 98,6 80  1,1

Mounting options and placement

There will often be one optimal location for the unit in each room. Therefore, it is a great advantage that DEX3000 offers many different possibilities for duct connection. The unit can be connected with the ducts led backwards through the wall, led up through the ceiling or out the side towards the outer wall – see the illustration below.

Overview – all spigot options


In order to optimally circulate the fresh air in the room, the devices in the DEX3000 series use what is known as the “Coanda effect”:

By mounting directly under the ceiling, this creates a vacuum between the supply air flow and the ceiling surface. This keeps the supply air under the ceiling. This way, it is mixed with room air throughout the entire process, reducing air speed and achieving fast, effective circulation of fresh air throughout the room. For this principle to work effectively, there can be no major obstacles placed on the ceiling, such as lights.

More factors affecting good ventilation efficiency and room airflow:

  • Positioning the unit directly beneath the ceiling to ensure the correct outlet angle and utilisation of the Coanda effect.
  • Temperature relationship between the air in the room and supply air
  • Energy of supply air jet (air roll)

The following illustrations show the different projection distances with corresponding air volumes. The aim is to permanently achieve an air speed (L02) of < 0.2 m/sec. in the area being occupied, in order to avoid draughts.


Positioning of DEX3000

When planning a DEX3000 solution, the shape of the room must be taken into consideration to achieve the optimal positioning of the unit. In rooms with a square ground plan with walls that are almost equal in length, the DEX3000 can be freely positioned, as close as possible to the middle of a wall. In narrow rooms, we recommend that DEX3000 is placed in the middle of the short wall to ensure good circulation of the ventilation air; placement on the long wall should be avoided.





EXHAUSTO DEX units are designed for comfort ventilation, i.e. for use under normal operating conditions.

Hygiene standard: VDI 6022

VDI 6022-picto

The unit is designed in accordance with the German hygiene standard VDI6022.

The hinged inspection door (in three parts) provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the unit.



The exterior ot the compact cabinet is made of Aluzinc (AZ 185-C4) and is supplied as standard white lacquered (RAL9003). The insulation meets class A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501.

As an additional option, the DEX3000 can be delivered painted in the desired colour at an additional cost.




The unit contains two fans (outdoor air/supply air and extract air/exhaust air).

The fan housing contains an impeller with forward-curved blades driven by an EC motor, class IE5 (Super Premium Efficiency).

The motors are continuously regulated via the MC engine control.

Heat recovery incl. bypass-damper


Heat recovery takes place via an aluminium counter flow heat exchanger with a high efficiency of up to 90%.

The integrated bypass damper is used to direct the outdoor air around the heat exchanger if required, e.g. for temperature regulation, night-time cooling and de-icing.




DEX3000 is equipped with compact filters in the two airflows – the filters are easy to replace.

The following filters are applied by default: 

  • Extract air: ePM10 60% (M5)
  • Supply air: ePM1 55% (F7).

As an extra option, ePM1 is offered 80% (F9).

In order to achieve a longer service life for particularly advanced filters, it is also possible to fit a pre-filter, filter type ISO Coarse 85% (G4) compact filter.

Heating coil

 DEX3000-water-coil-HW-CW-CO The units can be supplied with or without integral cooling/heating coil. Choose between electric heating coil, with water heating coil, cooling coil or change-over coil.

Connection box


The connection box can be accessed from the right side of the unit.

When the door is open, the control part can be pulled down for easier access.


Sound Levels

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation

Sound levels

The DEX3000 Series has a very low sound level and is barely audible during operation.

The sound pressure levels specified here are measured in the test classrooms defined under the diagram (device size, room area and air volume). A conventionally equipped classroom with a corresponding reverberation time was assumed!

Sound level-DEX3000

Control System

DEX3000 - Decentralised Ventilation

Control system

Web sever monitoring

DEX3000 is supplied with the EXcon control system including a web server solution, where several units can be monitored from a central location, e.g. the caretaker's office.

This means you can have a full overview of the units' operation. At the same time, the web server solution provides additional control options.


Control using HMI panel

Touch-Bedienfeld für EXcon

As an accessory to the DEX3000, a loose HMI panel can be ordered and connected to the DEX3000 with a service cable. The HMI control panel allows unit operation to be monitored and further adjustments can be made. One control panel can be used for several DEX3000 units.

The control panel is simple and convenient for all types of user, thanks to its visual control system.


EXcon control system

What are the characteristics of the integrated EXcon control system?


  • Integral intelligent web server with information level adaptable to user


  • The modular BUS system eliminates potential errors
  • Security from unauthorised access
  • Effective troubleshooting and monitoring

Optimum costs

  • Simple implementation, training and maintenance
  • Many regulation options
  • Uniquely user-friendly
  • Energy savings through optimum operation


  • A platform which can be customised
  • Upgrading possible


  • Adaptations via SD card
  • Integration into many different BMS systems is possible
Accessories - DEX3000

DEX3000 - Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available with the DEX3000 units:

  1. Touch control panel, 2 versions: 2 or 3,5'' screen
  2. Box for duct connection on the side of the unit 
  3. Closing damper with spring-return (Outdoor air)
  4. PIR sensor (built-in)
  5. COSensor (built-in)
  6. Smoke detector (built-in)
  7. Suspension fittings - wall/drilling template
  8. Condensate pump
























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