Technical Data

DEX3060 - Decentralised Ventilation

Technical Data 

Airflow in acc. ErP2018 (ECO-design) 

650 m³/h
Minimum airflow   150 m³/h
Height  500 mm
1.825 mm
1.121 mm
Size  1,02 m²
Fan/Motor EC-Motor
Heat Exchanger Technology


Efficiency  (SFP, EN308)  ∼ 81% (@600 m³/h)
Weight  150 kg
Filters, Supply Air  Standard: ePM1 55% (F7)
Filters, Exhaust Air Standard:  ePM10 60% (M5)
Filter Options

Prefilter ISO Coarse 85% (G4), ePM10 60% (M5)
ePM1 55% (F7), ePM1 80% (F9)

Casing Classification (ISO12944 Corrosion)
Corrosion class C4
Control System Integrated EXcon-Automatik


Elektrical Data:

Size Heating-/cooling coil Power supply Absorbed power Max. phase current
DEX3060 None 1x230V+N+PE ~ 50Hz 0,7 kW 3,0 A
DEX3060 Water heating coil 1x230V+N+PE ~ 50Hz
0,7 kW 3,0 A
DEX3060 Electric heating coil
1,5 kW
1x230V+N+PE ~ 50Hz
2.2 kW 9,6 A
DEX3060 Elictrical heating coil
4,5 kW
3x400V+N+PE ~ 50Hz
5.4 kW 7,8 A
Temperature efficiency

Temperature efficiency, DEX3060

The temperature efficiency and, to a lesser extent, the SFP/SEL values for a specific air handling unit are closely connected to the heat exchanger itself and depend upon the manufacturer. As suppliers can change from time to time, small changes in the technical data can occur, which is why it is always recommended that you perform a calculation for the particular project using our calculation software, EXselectPRO.

The curve is intended as a guideline, and it is recommended that a calculation be performed using the calculation software EXselectPRO for the individual project.

fed streg Efficiency without condensation in acc. with EN308:
Extract air = 25°C/28 RH
Outdoor air = 5°C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air = 1,0


 The temperature efficiency of the VEX units is shown at different airflow ratios, calculated as:


Temperature of outdoor air (fresh air)
Temperature of supply air
Temperature of extract air
Temperature efficiency is stated in accordance with EN308 for dry heat recovery and is increased by condensation.
Dimensional Drawings

DEX3060 Dimensional Drawings

Dimensional drawing, DEX3060 standard version



Dimensional drawing, DEX3060 semi-integrated version


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