Technical data

Technical data, VEX308

Unit data

Min. airflow 150 m3/h
Max. airflow
- standard air handling unit
- semi-integrated air handling unit

850 m3/h 
800 m3/h
Power consumption with and without water heating coil 2.5 A - 575 W
Power consumption with electric heating coil 12.9 A - 2,975 W
Maximum fuse rating  16 A 
Power supply 1 x 230 V + N + PE ~ 50 Hz 
Max. leak current  6 mA 
Weight incl. water heating coil HW308SE
- standard air handling unit
- semi-integrated air handling unit

185 kg
203 kg 
Connection to duct system  ø315 mm 
 HW, pipe connection 2 x DN15 (½")
Modulating bypass Yes (standard)
Filter class, extract air filter ePM10 60% (M5)
Filter class, outdoor air filter ePM1 55% (F7)
Filter class, pre-filter outdoor air Coarse 60% (G4)


Capacity ranges

Capacity ranges, VEX308

To calculate with your assumptions please see our product calculation program VEX308-Selector.

Temperature efficiency

Temperature efficiency, VEX308

The temperature efficiency and, to a lesser extent, the SFP/SEL values for a specific air handling unit are closely connected to the heat exchanger itself and depend upon the manufacturer. As suppliers can change from time to time, small changes in the technical data can occur, which is why it is always recommended that you perform a calculation for the particular project using our calculation software, EXselectPRO.

VEX308 temperaturvirkningsgrad
The curve is intended as a guideline, and it is recommended that a calculation be performed using the calculation software EXselectPRO for the individual project.

stiblet streg Efficiency with condensation:
Extract air = 20 °C/55 RH - Outdoor air = -10 °C/50 RH.
Balance between supply air/extract air = 1.0
stiblet prikket streg Efficiency without condensation with imbalance:
Extract air = 25 °C/28 RH - Outdoor air = 5 °C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air = 0.8
tyk streg Efficiency without condensation in acc. with EN308:
Extract air = 25 °C/28 RH - Outdoor air = 5 °C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air = 1.0


The temperature efficiency of the VEX units are shown at different airflow ratios, calculated as:

Supply air = 0.8 and 1.0
Extract air
Sound data

Sound data, VEX308




Assumptions for sound measurements:

Lp(A)ref = Sound level in reference room with reverberation time T = 0.6 s.

To calculate sound data use the product calculation program VEX308-Selector .

Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing, VEX308

Standard air handling unit


Semi-integrated air handling unit


Space requirements

To allow for proper functioning and servicing of the VEX308 there must be a free area around the unit.

The VEX308 unit must not be placed closer than 500 mm to walls or fittings on any side, and there must be 850 mm clearance beneath the unit to allow room for servicing.

VEX308 plads i rummet

When installing a semi-integrated unit, please ensure that there is free access to the control box


Accessories, VEX308

You can order a ready-to-use package, but the VEX308 can also be configured for your specific project needs.

Contact EXHAUSTO for preferences not mentioned here.

Item no. Description
HW308SE Built-in water heating coil, SMALL, incl. MVM motor valve and LSR308 closing damper
HW308LE Built-in water heating coil, LARGE, incl. MVM motor valve and LSR308 closing damper
HE308SE Built-in electric heating coil, SMALL 2.4 kW
SBD Smoke detector mounted in outdoor air
CONPUMP Condensate pump
LS31524 Closing damper (ø315 mm) for use with vertical exhaust
YGC315ALU Outer wall grille ø315 mm) made from aluminium
FP308E360M Extract air filter ePM10 60% (M5)
FP308F7 Outdoor air filter ePM1 55% (F7)
FP308C60S Pre-filter, outdoor air - filter class Coarse 60% (G4)

VEX308 tilbehør

Air speed

Air speed, VEX308

The drawing shows the air speed has fallen to approx. 0.2 m/s (L0.2) with different airflows.

VEX308 airspeed in room

PIR sensor

PIR sensor, VEX308

PIR-B, built-in PIR sensor (accessory)

Both the VEX308 and the semi-integrated VEX308 can be supplied with a built-in PIR sensor, which registers motion in the room and starts the ventilation automatically. 


The drawing shows the PIR sensor range.

VEX308 PIR sensor in room

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