MAC12 front
  • Demand control by fan speed regulation (with FC/EC motor)
  • Demand control by voltage regulation using add-on module MPR4 or MPR8
  • Integral alarm function
  • Potential-free contact for external alarm
  • Supplied with XTP sensor (pressure transducer)

MAC12, an ideal pressure regulator for demand control of energy-optimised ventilation solutions

MAC12 has been developed for pressure regulation of fans with EC/FC motor. For single-phase motors, MAC12 is used together with add-on module MPR4 or MPR8.

MAC12 satisfies the requirement for low energy consumption and operational reliability and the option for adapting air changes to the current ventilation needs.

MAC12 has a display with text in several languages, making adjustment and monitoring of the unit easy to understand and to execute. MAC12 also supports external communication, thus permitting the use of remote monitoring.


Constant pressure regulator, MAC12

MAC12 controls starting and stopping of the fan, and maintains the desired pressure. MAC12 can be located wherever it is
most convenient - in the technical room or by the side of the fan, with a signal to the technical room. The MAC10 is supplied with an XTP sensor as standard.

MAC12 regulates the fan in three different ways:

1. Two preset pressure levels

MAC12 allows for two preset pressure levels (high/low), meaning that ventilation can be adjusted to the needs of the unit's
operating area. The high and low pressure settings are set individually in the constant pressure regulator using a simple menu.

Alarm function
MAC12 has a built-in alarm function that automatically displays a message when the required pressure cannot be met. There is also a potential-free contact for an external alarm.

MAC12 can be set for the level and duration of pressure deviation necessary to trigger the alarm. The constant pressure regulator continues operation during an alarm and will continue to try to maintain the desired pressure. MAC12 can be connected to a thermal cut-out in the fan motor or to an alarm signal from the frequency converter. Any alarm at the input will be passed on, and the fan will stop.

2. External start/stop

MAC12 also has an option for external start/stop.

3. Override

MAC12 has an option for overriding to an independent pressure level or max. air volume.

Control of several duct systems

MAC12 can control up to 5 parallel single-string duct systems. This requires the system to be constructed solely via modbus interfaces, thus ensuring correct connection between the different pressure sensors and associated fans. Each unit is regarded as an independent system with its own operating points and regulation parameters. For this purpose, an MXTP pressure sensor must be used.

External communication

MAC12 has modbus interfaces for external connection to e.g. BMS systems. When connected, these allow operating status to be read off and changes made to all operating parameters.

Technical data


Type MAC12
Supply voltage 230 VAC
Fuses Max. 13 A
Inherent power consumption     0.5 W
Working range 0-5000 Pa, operating range varying according to range of XTP sensor
Ambient temperature -30 °C - +50 °C
Settings range for alarm pressure 0 - 2500 Pa
Settings range for alarm time 0 - 1000 Sec
Set temperature low -45°C to 0°C
Set temperature high -10°C to 15°C
Alarm switch (max. load) Potential-free switch 230VAC/24, 8A AC1/3A AC3
Ingress protection IP54
Dimensions (HxWxD) 175 x 223 x 55 mm 


Pressure transducer supplied with spigot, measuring probe and hose

The pressure transducer is supplied with plug, measuring probe and hoses. The pressure transducer is positioned appropriately in relation to the measuring probe. It should be easily accessible. If it is wished to monitor several ducts, MXTP should be selected.

MAC12 XTP acc


The pressure transducer measures the current pressure in the duct system, and the MAC12 regulates the ventilator’s output in line with the pre-set pressure.
The measured pressure in the duct system can be read off from the MAC12 display. Pressure transducers with a different sensitivity
from that supplied may be connected, the value being set in MAC12.

Two pressure connectors

The pressure transducer has two pressure connections. One connection links to the duct system, where the required pressure is to be kept at a constant level. The second is used as a pressure reference and can be led to a neutral reference area.

Technical data

Supply voltage 24V AC/DC, 50 mA 24V DC, 50 mA
Power consumption 0.5 W 0.5 W
Working range -50 - +50 Pa
0 - 100 Pa
0 - 150 Pa
0 - 300 Pa
0 - 500 Pa
0 - 1000 Pa
0 - 1600 Pa
0 - 2500 Pa
0-2500 Pa
Ambient temperature (operating) -30 °C - +50 °C  -30 °C - +50 °C
Output signal 0 - 10 VDC Modbus
Measurement accuracy (-20°C - +40°C) 1.5% of measurement value + 0.3% of measurement range + 2.5 Pa 0.5% of measurement value + 2.5 Pa
Size (H x W x D) 90 x 75 x 36 mm 90 x 75 x 36 mm
Max. cable length to MAC12 80 m 150 m
Ingress protection IP54 IP54



Outdoor temperature sensor MAC12XTT

Compensation for outdoor temperature

The MAX12 constant pressure regulator can be connected to an outdoor temperature sensor (available as an accessory), making it possible to operate with outdoor temperature compensation. This means that the high pressure setting can be lowered if the outside temperature falls. This compensation continues lineally between the two pre-set temperatures and pressures (high/low). When the compensation function is active, it can be read off on the MAC12 display.

Sensor location

The outside air temperature sensor is placed at an appropriate outside location where it can measure the actual outdoor temperature. The sensor must not be located where it is affected by external factors that may influence the measured temperature (e.g. sun and wind).

Technical data

Type MAC12XTT 
Sensor type NTC 10K
Working temperature -45 °C - +70 °C
Measurement accuracy 0 - 25°C ±0.5°C or ±1°C
Size (H x W x D) 55 x 52 x 27 mm
Max. cable length to MAC12    40 m with 0.5 mm²
Ingress protection IP54

Voltage regulator MPR

Constant pressure regulation of motors without regulation function can be performed by connecting a MPR module directly to MAC12. MPR has a MAX/MIN trimmer for setting the min. and max. output voltage.

Technical data

Type MPR4  MPR8
Supply voltage 180 - 250 VAC, 50-60 Hz 180 - 250 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature -40°C - + 40°C -40°C - + 40°C
Max. load max. 4 A  max. 8 A
Input signal 2 - 10 V with autostop <1.5V 2 - 10 V with autostop <1.5V
Size (H x W x D) 130 x 155 x 60 mm 180 x 110 x 75 mm
Ingress protection IP54 IP54

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