FSB certified smoke extraction fan

FSB certified smoke extraction fan 400/2H

FSB smoke extraction fan

FSB smoke extraction fan is a box fan approved for temperatures up to 400°C for 120 min. FSB smoke extraction fan is approved as both a general operations fan and an evacuation fan in accordance with EN12101-3:2015.

As a general operations fan, FSB is a low-energy box fan, as it is fitted with an EC motor and fan impellers with backward curved blades. FSB is available in four sizes, covering the capacity range 350 - 7300 m3/h.

Capacity - overview

FSB smoke extraction fan

curves capacity FSB



FSB smoke extraction fan


BESB kontruktion

FSB smoke extraction fans are made from Aluzinc® AZ185 class C4 in accordance with EN/ISO12944-2 and insulated for sound and condensation with 50 mm mineral wool.

FSB has been tested and approved both as a general operations fan and as an evacuation fan F400/2h in accordance with EN12101-3:2015.

Fan impeller

BESB ventilatorhjul

The ventilator impeller is a B-impeller made from cast aluminium.

It has backward curved blades, thus ensuring low energy consumption and the further advantage that less dirt is attracted, with impaired impeller efficiency as a result.


BESB gummikapning The spigots on FSB have rubber gaskets, with a transition piece on the extract side specially developed for minimum pressure drop.

Oscillation dampers

BESB svingningsdæmpere

To minimise noise and vibration, the box ventilator is fitted as standard with efficient oscillation dampers mounted on brackets.

Split hinges

BESB hængsel

The FSB box fan has split hinges, which enable the door to be removed for installation and servicing, even in very confined conditions or for transport to difficult locations.

Condensation outlet

BESB kondensafløb The FSB box fan is designed to transport air with an air humidity of less than 80% RH.

FSB is available as a special model with a condensation outlet for air with over 80% RH.


FSB smoke extraction fan

The FSB smoke extraction fan is a low-energy ventilator, in which ventilator housing, centrifugal impeller and motor all work together as one technology.

All FSB smoke extraction fan fulfil both the 2015 requirements laid down in the Ecodesign Directive EC327/2011 and those indicated as future 2020 requirements.

Motor type

FSB smoke extraction fan

FSB smoke extraction fan are fitted with a single phase EC motor, directly connected to the fan impeller.

The EC motor for FSB is a permanent-magnet motor of class IE5 with motor control for 1 x 230 V or 3 x 400 V connection. The motor control and the motor are protected from overloading, blocking, over and under voltage, and over heating.

The motor control is factory programmed by EXHAUSTO for optimal operation of the ventilator. It only requires mains connection and a control signal from an EXHAUSTO EFC1P or MAC12 controller or a 0-10V signal.

The motor controls also provide a Modbus interface for fan control and alarm read-offs etc.


FSB smoke extraction fan

The smoke exhaust fan can be mounted in various positions. Note, however, that the ventilator must not be positioned with the motor turned downwards.

Standard installation: A

Alternative installation options B/C/D:

BESB monteringsmuligheder


During installation, consideration must be given to opening the door for servicing and to access to door screws (see dimensions table on pages 7 and 15 in the product instructions where opening radius R is given). There should also be enough space to insulate the ducts.

In installation options B and D, with the door facing upwards, special fittings must be used to hold the door (accessory).

The smoke extraction fan should not be screwed onto the supporting base. The base must be stable and vibration free, with no sagging. The outdoor model can be installed according to options A and B.


FSB smoke extraction fan

THA/THAV Roof terminal

THA THAV afkasttaghætter 150 x 100 Roof terminals THA and THAV are designed for air exhausts from EXHAUSTO box ventilators FSB, BESB and BESF.

THA is insulated for condensation and has a horizontal exhaust, while THAV is insulated for both sound and condensation and has a vertical exhaust.

More information on roof terminals.

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