VEX200EC (EXact2) Compact air handling units



VEX200 series

VEX200 is a range energy-friendly air handling units with rotary heat exchangers and EC motors. You can choose between two rotor types, standard and high efficiency.

The many versions of the VEX200 range permit a high level of flexibility in installation and location as you can choose spigot location in the units end, top and bottom. Read more under Variations.
The units are delivered with integrated control systems, that are accessed is the connection box on the front of the unit.
VEX200 units are delivered either as a complete unit (VEX240-250) or split into sections (VEX260-280).

VEX260 split illustration



Below illustrates which capacity ranges individual VEX sizes cover. To calculate the actual capacity data, use our product selection programs.

VEX240-280EC Capacity


VEX200, low-noise air handling units

All of the VEX200 series of air handling units are low-noise and their associated cooling and heating coils are also sound proofed.
For exact sound data, see our calculation programs.

VEX200 design

The compact air handling units are designed in accordance with the German hygiene norm VDI6022, which ensures a unit accessible for service, and where fungus or bacteria are not formed which may reduce air quality. Read more about this standard under certificates at the bottom of the page. 



The cabinets are made from Aluzink AZ185 class C4 and insulated with 50 mm mineral wool. This results in low noise emissions to the external environment/installation location.

The panel construction minimizes the formation of thermal bridges in the air handling unit.

Motor sections



The motor sections are mounted in vibration dampers, which reduces noise in the ducts and eliminates the need to fit flexible connections between the unit and the duct system.

The motor sections can be pulled out for easier servicing.

The motors are of type EC and are extremely efficient. They comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive.

Fan impeller

EXstream ventilatorhjul

EXstream performance:
The units are equipped with EXHAUSTO EXstream impellers, one of the leading air fan impellers on the market in terms of low energy consumption and low sound level.

The fan impeller rpm and the number of vanes have been optimised so that the “vane frequency” is in the 500 Hz band. This means that fewer/smaller silencers are required than normal and it costs less to sound proof at frequencies of 500 Hz than it does with frequencies of 125/250 Hz (the typical range).

AHUC Mainboard

EXact2 The easily accessible  connection box with built-in switch disconnector and control system fuses ensures easy access for connecting and service.


Pose og kassefiltre

VEX200 series can be supplied with cassette filters and bag filters in the M5 and F7.


Double filter for VEX200

Pre-filtering with cassette filter on the supply air side.

It is now possible to insert 2 48 mm filters instead of 1 96 mm filter in VEX200 on the supply air side. By inserting a coarser filter in front of a finer filter, the accumulation of debris in the finer filter can be reduced. Depending on the outdoor air and the desired quality of the supply air, this can be a good idea/option.

The filters (48 mm) are available in the classes: G4, M5, F7 and F9. A pressure drop, etc. can be calculated in the product selection programme EXselect.


Mounting base


The mounting base has feet with an adjustable height.

The base is an accessory for VEX240/250, but standard on the other models, where the unit is assembled at the bottom by using the base, and via trunk fasteners at the top.


VEX200 Energy efficient ventilation

In the design of the unit, much attention has been paid to ensuring that the air-flow through the air handling units takes place as smoothly as possible, to keep pressure loss as low as possible.

Rotary heat exchanger

Roterende veksler 

Aluminium rotary heat exchanger with low pressure loss and a temperature efficiency of 80%. The rotor control comprises a step motor with motor control.

If greater efficiency is required then choose the highly efficient rotor.


EC-motor_MC The combination of modern EC motors and the EXHAUSTO motor controller delivers extremely low energy consumption and with the EXstream impeller, a high output is achieved.

Energy label

Via our calculation programs, it is possible to obtain an energy label which indicates the energy class of the air handling unit, provided the defined operating conditions are met.

Cooling and heating coils


The following cooling and heating coils are available with the VEX200 series:

Water heating coils - HW 

HVW vandvarmeflade firkantet studs

Uninsulated external water heating coil. A flexible solution, where the heating coil can be installed where hot water is best accessible. That is to say, that the coil can be installed indoors for example, even if the air handling unit is placed outside.

More information concerning HW heating coils under Cooling and heating coils.

Electrical heating coils - HE 

HCE elvarmeflade firkantet studs

Uninsulated external electrical heating coil. A flexible solution, where the electrical heating coil can be installed where it is most appropriate. That is to say, that the coil can be installed indoors for example, even if the air handling unit is placed outside.

IP: 43

More information concerning HE heating coils under Cooling and heating coils: 

Cooling coils -CW 

CCW firkantet studs Cooling coils are available insulated and non-insulated A flexible solution for cooling ventilation air in premises where cooling is required, such as premises facing south. In premises facing north, cooling is often not necessary.

More information concerning CW Cooling coil under Cooling and heating coils. 

Cooling coil - DX

DX cooling 150100 Uninsulated third party coil that can be used both as an evaporator (cooling coil) and condenser (heating coil).

More information concerning DX-cooling coils under Cooling and heating coils. 



A wide accessory program is offered for the VEX200 series.

Closing damper - LS

Lukkespjæld firkantet studs Closing dampers can be ordered with or without spring-return for indoor or outdoor installation.

Outdoor installation

VEX240 med tag

The cabinet is insulated with 50 mm mineral wool and therefore well-suited for outdoor installation.

For outdoor installation, the air handling unit will be delivered with a roof which allows cables to be routed out from under the roof on both sides, as well as the rear of the air handling unit.

We recommend that air handling units which are installed outdoors, are secured further as described in the Outdoor-manual.



Optional spigot locations in accordance with fan location, L/R and filter type are shown below.

1.1 Extract air 1.2 Exhaust air 2.1 Outdoor air 2.2 Supply air

VEX200 with compact filter


VEX200 with bag filter


  • With choice of bag filter, spigot B location is only available for exhaust air and supply air.
  • It is not possible to have spigot location in the  bottom of the VEX280 .

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Calculation programs

Use EXHAUSTO's free calculation programs for calculating ventilation plant and system solutions

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Ecodesign Directive

EXHAUSTO VEX air handling units and fans comply with the Ecodesign Directive. Read more here.

See more about Ecodesign here