VVR wall fan

  1. Capacity - overview Add to print



      Capacity m3/h
      Min. Max.
    VVR160-4-1 60 370
    VVR200-4-1 130 860
    VVR250-4-1EC 250 1,900
    VVR315-4-1EC 470 3,360
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    VVR  150 x 100 VVR is made from cast aluminium, giving it a high corrosion resistance. It is painted in black RAL7021.

    Vertical exhaust

    VVR afkast

    VVR is an extract fan with a vertical exhaust.

    The design ensures an optimum air handling solution with minimum noise.

    Fan impeller

    TEST 100 100

    VVR wall fan is ideal for ventilation tasks requiring efficient and economical ventilation.

    The specially developed centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades ensures high efficiency and low operating costs.


    TEST 100 100  VVR roof fan is easy to open for cleaning and maintenance.

    Guide panel

    VVR ledeplade If there is a high level of humidity in the extract air, the VVR wall fan can be ordered with a guide panel.

    The guide panel ensures that moisture does not run down the wall but is guided away from it.
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  3. Motor types Add to print

    VVR wall fan

    VVR is available with 2 motor types:

    • Single-phase voltage controlled motor
    • EC motor

    The motors are made to protection class IP54 and all materials are as a minimum class F (155 °C). The motor  has integral current overload protection.

    EC motor

    The EC motor is a highly efficient permanent-magnet motor of class IE5 with motor control for a 1 x 230 V connection. The motor control has been specially developed for compatibility with the EXHAUSTO DTV roof fan and, when used with this motor, ensures the lowest possible operating costs.

    The motor control protects the motor from overloading, blocking, over and under voltage, and over heating. It is factory programmed by EXHAUSTO for optimal operation of the fan. It only has to be connected to a 1 X 230 VAC supply and to an EXHAUSTO EFC1P or MAC12 controller.

    The motor controls also provide a Modbus interface for fan control and alarm read-offs etc.

    Single-phase motor

    Single-phase motors can be selected for VVR160/VVR200. All motors are 4-pole with 1400 rpm, and permit direct voltage control using EXHAUSTO EFC16, EFC35 and MAC12 controllers (with MPR4/MPR8 module).

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  4. Installation Add to print

    VVR wall fan

    To ease installation an MGO wall vent can be used with the VVR wall fan.

    The MGO wall vent is made from galvanised sheeting with 25 mm insulation against sound and condensation. An integral anti-backdraught shutter is included and the vent can be adjusted to lengths from 210 - 400 mm, to match the thickness of the wall. MGO can be mounted together with a diffusor, inlet sleeve ILMF and cover flange MGAF as shown below.

    VVR monteret med MGO

    1) Diffusor

    Installation solution 1

    If an MGO wall vent terminates flush with the internal wall, an MGAF covering flange and an ILMF inlet sleeve must be fitted before the diffusor is fitted.

    VVR 4-2


    1) Diffusor

    Installation solution 2

    If the MGO wall vent is shorter than the thickness of the wall, an ILU inlet and MF sleeve or SR spiral tube must be mounted and finished off with the diffusor.

    VVR 4-3

    1) Diffusor

    Installation solution 3

    If there is a long distance between the MGO wall vent and the exhaust location, an ILU inlet connected to SR spiral tube must be mounted.

    VVR 4-4

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  5. MGO sound damping Add to print

    Pressure drop in MGO wall vent


    MGO trykfald

    Pt = Total pressure drop with open anti-backdraught shutter


    Load attenuation 

    Sound band 125 250 250 1000 2000 4000 8000
     Size [Hz] [Hz] [Hz] [Hz]  [Hz] [Hz] [Hz]
    MGO160 -2 2 6 12 13 6 5
    MGO200 -4 2 4 12 8 5 4
    MGO250 -5 0 3 11 4 4 2
    MGO315 -5 -1 1 10 4 4 3


    Tolerance +/- 4 dB.
    The load attenuation is stated including sound generation from the AO anti-backdraught shutter.
    - = sound generation in relevant octave band from anti-backdraught shutter.


    1. Attenuation damping is stated for an airflow equal to 80% of max. output for VVR (1400 rpm) of the same size as the MGO.

    2. VVR mounted on a MGO with 350 mm length with anti-backdraught shutter.

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