Eurovent certification

Why a Eurovent certificate?

The aim of the Eurovent Certificate is to make it easier and simpler to select the best product for the job.

For you as consultant or contractor, this means:

  • elimination of unnecessary risks - the product does what it promises
  • it's easy to find energy-efficient products, thanks to clear data for each component
  • it's easy to find the best product for the job, with a wide range of standardised, comparable products

For you as client, this means:

  • Well-functioning systems - the product lives up to its claimed performance and energy consumption
  • More precise calculations - energy consumption remains as calculated
  • Better products and value for money - thanks to fairer and healthier competition.

For you as manufacturer, this means:

  • Equal terms - giving fairer and healthier competition
  • Transparency - making the industry more trustworthy
  • A clear message - it pays to manufacture good products and provide clear information.

(The above is an extract from the leaflet "Eurovent Certificate - when it's what's inside that counts" by the Danish Ventilation Association).

Eurovent Certification is voluntary

Eurovent certification and its energy classes is a voluntary scheme

Energy classes

The following technical parameters are included in the energy class calculation:

  • Dimensioned outdoor air temperature
  • Temperature efficiency with balanced airflows
  • Pressure drop across heat recovery device
  • Air speed through the unit
  • "Absorbed Power Factor" calculated from the motors' absorbed power (approximately equivalent to SFP)