VEX308 Decentralised ventilation


VEX308 - decentralised ventilation for schools, institutions and offices

A decentralised air handling unit is a simple solution, easy and manageable for everyone. The simple installation means no need to fit ventilation ducts, etc. In addition, units can be installed on an on-going basis in accordance with needs and budgets.

VEX308 ensures:
- Fast and inexpensive installation
- High temperature efficiency
- Simple operation, factory-set
- Central monitoring of units
- Ensures constant fresh indoor climate with filtered air


Semi-integrated installation

VEX308 - Decentralised Ventilation

Semi-integrated installation

VEX308 can also be ordered in a design intended for semi-integrated installation in a suspended ceiling. This ensures a compact and very discreet installation.


Cleaning of "air-box" on supply air side

As shown in the images below, the air box can be opened via a snap lock (2), whereby the door is opened in the hinge (1). The door can be secured, so it easier to clean the air box from below. 

 Opening of VEX308 partly integrated
 VEX308 partly integrated - cleaning
Design your own unit

Design the VEX308 to match your interior design

The VEX308 is supplied as standard in white-lacquered decorative panels, with doors and a decorative band but is also available in other versions. The VEX308 can be ordered with decorative panels in white, Aluzinc® or coke-grey and with a decorative band in seven different colours.

Colour, decorative panels and door

Choose White (RAL 9016), Grey (RAL 9007) or Aluzinc (Metallic aluzinc colour, no RAL code.)



Colour, decorative band

See the precise colours below:

Package solutions

Package solutions for optimal operation and low-energy consumption

The VEX308 can be factory-set for on-demand operation, adjusted to match the load in a given room.

Because there is no control panel in the room there is no risk of a student or member of staff setting the unit to operate incorrectly.

VEX308 pakket 1 billed

Package solution for standard rooms

- e.g. classroom, meeting room or office.

The PIR sensor starts the unit when motion is detected in the room.
The built-in CO2 sensor regulates the ventilation in accordance with the CO2 level in the room.

VEX308 PIR sensor Built-in PIR sensor
VEX308 info LED Info LED status light
VEX308 CO2 sensor Built-in CO2 sensor
VEX308 indstillet fra fabrik Factory-set operation


VEX308 pakke 2 billed

Package solution for rooms with humidity demands

- e.g. changing room, exercise room or toilet.

The PIR sensor starts the unit when motion is detected in the room.
The built-in RH sensor regulates ventilation in accordance with the relative humidity in the room.

VEX308 PIR sensor Built-in PIR sensor
VEX308 info LED Info LED status light
VEX308 RH sensor Built-in RH sensor
VEX308 indstillet fra fabrik Factory-set operation

One unit - two installation options

The VEX308 is supplied with spigots fitted on the rear of the unit for a wall installation, unless otherwise agreed.

If a ceiling installation is more suitable, the spigots are simply moved to the top of the unit. This is done by swapping the spigots with the cover panels on the top. At the same time, the exhaust ventilation is turned and if required, a motor damper is fitted in the exhaust.


Positioning of VEX308

When planning a VEX308 solution, the shape of the room is taken into consideration to achieve the optimal positioning of the unit.

In rooms with a square ground plan with walls that are almost equal in length, the VEX308 can be freely positioned, as close as possible to the middle of a wall. In small rooms, the unit should not be positioned on the longer sides to ensure good circulation and ventilated air.


VEX308 design

The strong cabinet is made from Aluzinc® AZ185 class C4. The sound-proofing insulation means the unit is ultra quiet and it is ideal for installation in all types of rooms.

The extremely efficient counter flow heat exchangers with high temperature efficiency ensure excellent indoor climate and low energy consumption.

Energy-saving EC motors and the excellent EXact control system means the unit does not require a lot of electricity.

Principle diagram, VEX308 with water heating coil (HCW)

VEX308 is designed in accordance with VDI 6022

VEX308 is designed in accordance with VDI 6022, where great attention has been given to the unit’s ease of service and cleaning. All of the surfaces inside the VEX308 can be easily cleaned and the insulation material is covered with an approved film (EN ISO 846) that prevents the accumulation of dirt.

The semi-integrated VEX308 also can be opened on the supply air side for cleaning – for more details see the section “Semi-integrated installation”.

Unique frost protection

VEX308 with de-icing bypass

High-efficiency counter flow heat exchangers can suffer icing if the air is humid and outdoor temperatures are below freezing. This problem is solved with the VEX308. If there is a risk of icing, then a certain amount of outdoor air will bypass the heat exchanger and go directly to the after heating coil,

So naturally, we recommend an after heating coil is fitted.

De-icing bypass functions in the following ways:

In normal operation, air is directed through the heat exchangers (VEX308 seem from below).

VEX308 Luftveje uden bypass

In de-icing bypass mode, some of the air is directed past the heat exchangers via a bypass in the centre of the unit and thus icing of the heat exchangers is avoided (VEX308 seen from below).

VEX308 luftveje med bypass

Control system

Control ventilation with EXact2

Web sever monitoring

The VEX308 is supplied with the EXact2 control system A Web server solution can be connected to this control system, which means several units can be monitored from a central location, e.g. the caretaker's office.

This means you can have a full overview of the units' operation. The Web server solution also provides more control function options.

VEX308 webserver

Control using HMI control panel

The pre-programmed EXact2 control system provides VEX308 with its full functionality. A separate HMI control panel (HMI2-350-TOUCH) can be ordered, and is connected to the VEX308 with a service cable. The HMI control panel allows unit operation to be monitored and further adjustments can be made. One control panel can be used for several VEX308 units.



Ecodesign - EU requirements for documentation, energy consumption and labelling of ventilation units.



General information

We have made a compilation of extracts from the Ecodesign guidelines, read more about Ecodesigne here.


Ecodesign data

You will find links to Ecodesign data for the individual VEX sizes under the product name and in the Download section, where we have located Ecodesign data under EU/ECO declarations.


We would point out that the values stated in the declarations have been calculated for a specific operating point.

If a different operating point is desired, we refer to our calculation programs - here you can see whether the desired unit meets the requirements for your operating point and you will find the associated Ecodesign data.

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