DTH roof fan, horizontal exhaust

Description of DTH roof fan


The DTH roof fan is an extraction ventilator manufactured in cast aluminium, ensuring long-term, problem-free operation. TGK/TGR roof cowls are available for this, ensuring simple and correct ventilation.

The DTV roof fan has a backward-curved B impeller in aluminium with a horizontal air exhaust; it can be opened for cleaning. DTH is available in 5 sizes: DTH160, -200, -250, -315 and -400.


DTH160 and -200 have a single-phase motor, while the other models have an EC motor. 

See also under Capacity below, and technical data for the different sizes under DTHxxx Technical Data


In normal operation, DTH tolerates temperatures up to 60 °C. DTH with single phase motor can handle temperatures up to 200 °C for 60 min., while DTH with EC motor can handle temperatures up to 300 °C for 60 min.
If there is a need for a certified combustion gas fan, we draw your attention to the SEF roof fan, described under the product group Fire Protection 

Capacity - overview



  Capacity m3/h
  Min. Max.
DTH160-4-1 60 370
DTH200-4-1 120 800
DTH250-4-1EC 250 1,740
DTH315-4-1EC 450 3,250
DTH400-4-1EC 660 4,900



DTH 150 x 100 DTH is made from cast aluminium, giving it a high corrosion resistance (corrosion class C4 in accordance with EN ISO 12944-2). It is painted in black RAL 7021, a suitable colour for most roofs.

Horizontal exhaust

DTH afkast 150 x 100

DTH is an extract fan with a horizontal exhaust.

The design ensures an optimum air handling solution with minimum noise.

Fan impeller

TEST 100 100 DTH roof fan is ideal for ventilation tasks requiring efficient and economical ventilation.

The specially developed centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades ensures high efficiency and low operating costs.


TEST 100 100 DTH roof fan is easy to open for cleaning and maintenance.
Motor types

DTH roof fan

DTH is available with 2 motor types:

  • Single-phase voltage controlled AC motor
  • EC motor

The motors are made to protection class IP54 and all materials are as a minimum class F (155 °C). The motor  has integral current overload protection.

EC motor

The EC motor is a highly efficient permanent-magnet motor of class IE5 with motor control for a 1 x 230 V connection. The motor control has been specially developed for compatibility with the EXHAUSTO DTV roof fan and, when used with this motor, ensures the lowest possible operating costs.

The motor control protects the motor from overloading, blocking, over and under voltage, and over heating. It is factory programmed by EXHAUSTO for optimal operation of the fan. It only has to be connected to a 1 X 230 VAC supply and to an EXHAUSTO EFC1P or MAC12 controller.

The motor controls also provide a Modbus interface for fan control and alarm read-offs etc.

Single-phase AC motor

Single-phase AC motors can be selected for the 2 smallest DTH models. All motors are 4-pole with 1400 rpm, and permit direct voltage control using EXHAUSTO EFC15, EFC35 and MAC12 controllers (with MPR4/MPR8 module).


DTH roof fan

DTH fans are designed for use with TGR or TGK roof vents, for simple and optimal installation.

DTH is simply lowered over the roof vent, and its weight holds it in place. Vibration-damping materials are also supplied to ensure that vibrations from DTH are not transferred to the duct system.

TGR and TGK roof vents are insulated for sound and condensation and have an integral cable penetration. As an accessory an AOR anti-backdraught shutter and bracket can be selected.

Read more about the roof vents here.

DTH montering

Flue gas resistance

DTH roof fan

DTH is able as standard to handle a gas temperature of up to 60°'C.

Smoke gas resistance data


DTH tagventilator røggasmodstand

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