VVR250 wall ventilator

Technical data


The motor controller for the EC motor is provided in a box which can either hang on the wall outside or be retracted within the duct.

Due to EMC requirements the cable between the EC control and the EC motor must not be elongated.
MODEL    VVR250-4-1EC
Fan data
Max. overall efficiency 53,5 %
ECO measurement set-up (A-D)  C
Efficiency requirements  62, N(2015)
ECO efficiency at optimal operating point 77,3


EC motor with integral VSD
Optimal operating point:
Absorbed power
Total pressure

176 W
1314 m3/h
257 Pa
1635 rpm

Nominal rpm (N) 1635 rpm 
Electric supply (U)   1 x 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Overload protection     Integrated in motor control

Max absorbed current* (I)

1.2 A
Max. absorbed power (P1)**  0.18 kW
Motor output (P2)** 0.18 kW
Supply (power cable)  -
Length  -
Other data
Weight 22 kg



  • * I is the maximum absorbed current throughout the control range - or the full load current if this is larger
  • ** P1 is the maximum absorbed power from the mains supply, where P2 is the motor's nominal output.
  • Stated data are for t = 20°C
  • Density = 1.2 kg/m3
  • Gas temperature: min. -12°C, max. +60° C
  • Ambient temperature: Max. +40°C
  • Pressure ratio: < 1,11
  • other points in acc. with EC327/2011 - see product instructions
Capacity curves



VVR250-4-1EC kapacitetskurve

Dimensional drawing



VVR250 målskitse

Sound data



VVR250 lydkurve


  K[dB(A)]   Kw[dB]
  KwA KpA 125 250  500 1 k 2 k  4 k  8 k 
      I II I II  Hz Hz  Hz Hz Hz 
Lw1  0   9  12 5 3 -4 -10 -18 -25 -31
Lw3 2 -6 -1 -1 -3 -4 -2 -4 -13 -18
LpA3   -25                  

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