EFC1P electronic speed controller


For fans with FC or EC motors

Electronic speed regulator for FC motors, uses 0 -10 V control signal. Used for manual variable rpm control for all EXHAUSTO fans installed with FC or EC motors. With EFC1P, the rpm can be variably controlled over the interval 25-100%.

The control panel contains a potentiometer with a circuit breaker built into the control knob.


Installation of EFC1P

The supply cable must be dimensioned in accordance with applicable regulations and legislation. The conditions at the installation location, including temperature and the path of the cable must be taken into consideration.

The EC/FC motor has current overload and overheating protection. The motor needs no additional protection. The fault indication output of the motor cannot be used for external fault reporting, as it is used with the EFC1P.

When installing multiple single-phase ventilators with EC/FC motors in the same network with a shared neutral conductor, special requirements apply to the dimensioning of this conductor, as the current is not a pure sine wave. For example, if three single-phase ventilators with EC/FC motors are installed and divided between three phases, the current in the neutral conductor is equal to that of the three ventilators combined.

If you are fitting fan units to an existing installation, make sure that the neutral conductor can cope with the resultant load.

Earth leak circuit breakers

 Only Type-A earth-leakage circuit breakers can be used with single-phase ventilators with EC/FC motors. These circuit breakers also break the circuit when DC current (pulsating DC) is detected.
 These circuit breakers are marked with:  RD10662
 Only Type-B earth leak circuit breakers can be used with three-phase ventilators with EC/FC motors.
 These circuit breakers are marked with

 RD10662 / RD10663 begge symboler

Dimensional drawing


EFC1P Dimensions

The EFC1P speed regulator control panel controls the motor controller in the EC/FC motor. The linear 0-10 scale sets the ventilator’s rotary speed.

The control panel contains a potentiometer with a circuit breaker built into the control knob. 



  1. Start/stop and speed setting of the ventilator (potentiometer with built-in on/off switch)
  2. Operating LED (green) for the fan motor.
  3. Alarm LED (red) to indicate motor overheating or over current.

For more information regarding electrical connection, refer to the EFC1P product instructions.

Technical data


Type  EFC1P
 Ambient temperature  -20°C - +40 °C
 Min. output voltage  Integral potentiometer
 Ingress protection  IP20
 Material  ABS thermoplastic
 Colour      White
 Minimum aperture for installation HxWxD  53 x 53 x 56

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