EXHAUSTO was founded in 1957 in the town of Sorø on the Danish island of Zealand. The background was a unique idea to construct a smoke exhaust for installation at the top of a chimney, in order to create optimum draught for open fireplaces, wood burning furnaces and boilers.

In 1963 the company moved to its current address in Langeskov on Funen. At the same time, the product mix was expanded with roof fans. This was the beginning of significant developments in the ventilation market, and today, fans and air handling units constitute the majority of the business.

In 2007, sales of smoke exhausts were consolidated in a standalone company (now Exodraft A/S), while EXHAUSTO A/S continued with the production and sales of ventilation products.

In 2010, the company bought Novema Aggregates, a Norwegian ventilation company. That was the first step in the EXHAUSTO growth strategy.

Also in 2010, EXHAUSTO A/S was taken over by VKR Holding. In December 2012, VKR Holding sold its majority interest in EXHAUSTO A/S to the Danish private equity fund Axcel.

In June 2016, EXHAUSTO was acquired by the French ALDES group as an important step toward a geographic expansion of the ALDES group in the Nordic markets. On the product front, great synergy is expected between the product portfolios of the two companies.

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