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Mission, vision and values


To provide ventilation solutions which enhance the health and well-being of people.


To be among the 5 largest ventilation companies in northern Europe. This will be achieved, provided we meet the following criteria as a company:

  • Improvement of the indoor climate
  • Market leader within energy friendly AHUs (Air handling Units)
  • High customer satisfaction  
  • High employee motivation


EXHAUSTO wants to point the entire company and its development in the right direction via its mission and vision. In the same way, our set of values must verbalize “how we do things” – in relation to our customers, processes, finances and employees. For this reason, our values express a strong company culture, and are a natural part of our everyday working lives, because we believe that our values must be complied with if they are to make sense.

Our values:
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Calculation programs

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Vex overview

VEX Summary

Get a quick overview of our entire range of compact VEX air handling units with heat recovery.

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