VEX40T, decentralised system for residential buildings


VEX40T is available in two versions, Classic and Premium.

Description of VEX40T

VEX40T, suitable for apartments

VEX40T is a compact ventilation unit with built-in bypass. VEX40T is designed for use in a dwelling, for example a flat in an apartment building. 

The unit is wall-mounted and has all four spigots at the top – suitable for apartments.

VEX40T can be fitted with an optional enthalphi heat exchanger for humidity recovery.

VEX40T comes with a set of basic filters, but the filter solution can be individually adapted to the outdoor air quality and supply air requirements (e.g. in the event of asthma, allergies or similar among residents).

Operation of VEX40T:

3 options:

  1. Separate control panel
  2. Operation via the cooker hood – ESL142WEM/SEM
  3. Via BMS with modbus RTU communication

1. Control panel

VEX40T touch panel – photo

The control panel is available both with and without built-in CO2 sensor, which is used for automatic override when needed.


ESL142, Fabrian cooker hood, stainless and white

If you choose to combine the VEX40T with ESL142WEM/SEM with modBUS, you can omit the control panel and instead operate the VEX40T via the cooker hood. Read more about ESL142WEM/SEM under Fabriano ESL142.

3. Modbus RTU for BMS


VEX40T can be connected to an overall BMS system via modbus RTU communication, where each system can be addressed individually.

This allows you to monitor centrally, for example, the status of each system, temperatures, current operating mode, filter alarm, etc.

VEX40T is available in two versions, Classic and Premium

VEX40T is available in two different versions, Classic and Premium. They are physically slightly different and are outfitted slightly differently with regard to heat exchangers (both in plastic), filters and automatics. 

When you choose a VEX40T PREMIUM, you also get:

  • a heat exchanger with higher temperature efficiency (see diagram)
  • higher-grade filters included
  • Full metal enclosure means less noise in the surroundings it's placed in
  • indication lamp (LED) on the front of the unit showing operating status (OK/error/alarm) 
  • WAP (Wireless Access Point) for communication via the EXHAUSTO ConnectTM app 


Easy conversion from Left to Right

VEX40T is supplied in configuration A (=Left), but can easily and simply (max. 5 min) be converted to configuration B (Right) on the construction site. See more details in the Construction section.


VEX40T Left with arrows

Right (B)

VEX40T Right with arrows 

Arrow air direction extract air  Extract air 

Arrow air direction exhaust Exhaust air


Arrow air direction outdoor air Outdoor air


Arrow air direction supply air Supply air


VEX40T can be built into a 600 x 600-mm kitchen cabinet

The unit measures only 560 mm in width/depth and can thus be installed inside a 600 x 600-mm kitchen cabinet. The unit is wall-mounted, supplied with fittings and has all four spigots at the top – suitable for apartments.

VEX40T is supplied with:

  • a humidity sensor for automatic demand control
  • a condensate drain that is installed when configuration A or B (Left or Right) is selected.

Low energy consumption

Optimised design in terms of temperature efficiency, airflow and energy consumption and has a counterflow heat exchanger and the latest EC motor technology.

VEX40T probably has the market’s lowest energy consumption with a SEL value of 1,000 J/m3 with the following output: 180 m3/h and 145 Pa.

Custom filter solution

VEX40T probably has the best filter combinations on the market, up to ePM1 80% (F9) and the option of carbon filter, see separate section on filter solutions.

Selector poWair product selection programme

Selector poWair used for documentation of VEX40T with regard to pressure, volume flow, SFP value, sound and much more. Download the programme here.



VEX40T, construction

Below is the location of the individual parts in VEX40T. 

 VEX40T exploded drawing with numbers

A: Operating lamp (Premium only)

B: Connection fitting Ø160

C: Easily accessible motors with low electricity consumption

D: Access to filter change – without the use of tools

E: Air filters

F: High output heat exchanger

G: Bypass 100% automatic


The outer casing is made of easy-to-clean galvanised sheet metal. VEX40T Classic only has a metal cabinet on the front and top.

The internal parts are mainly made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) insulation of approx. 30 mm to ensure sound attenuation and thermal insulation.

The front consists of a panel that can be opened for service and filter change without the use of tools.

For access to fans and heat exchanger, the metal front of the cabinet must be dismantled using tool.

Motors and fans

VEX40T has a very low energy consumption, as it is equipped with modern EC motors and specially developed fans with high efficiency and thus low SFP figures.

The motors are controlled steplessly with a 0–10 V signal directly from the built-in control system.


From Left to Right in a flash

VEX40T is designed to be used as both Left and Right, as it can be adjusted from Left to Right in less than 5 minutes.

It’s as simple as that:

  1. Change the filters 

  2. Remove A. indication on plastic top part (see picture )

  3. Change setting in the control system

  4. Installing the condensation outlet

  5. Move the humidity sensor from the previous extract air duct to the new extract air duct
From configuration A to B
 VEX40T configuration A VEX40T configuration B


VEX40T Left with arrows

Right (B)

VEX40T Right with arrows 

Arrow air direction extract air  Extract air 

Arrow air direction exhaust Exhaust air


Arrow air direction outdoor air Outdoor air


Arrow air direction supply air Supply air


Control system for VEX40T

The control system makes it possible to meet the requirements of the new fire protection standard (DS428:2019). Up to 2 fire dampers are connected via an additional module (accessory, easy connexion to the control system)

The control system offers the following functions

  • Control, monitoring and exercise of 2 fire/smoke dampers (DS428:2019), 1 x 230 V, supply from VEX40T
  • Built-in humidity sensor for overriding fluctuations/sudden increase in humidity
  • Connection of preheating coil and heating coil 
  • User-friendly control panel with boost function, filter alarm/reset, 4-step fan control 
  • Same control panel with built-in CO2 sensor for demand control (accessory)
  • Full control of all functions and settings via the EXHAUSTO Connect app 
  • Modbus communication for connecting CTS/BMS system
  • Frost protection of heat exchanger
  • Simple power supply connection

To operate the control system:

Use the EXHAUSTO Connect app (coming soon)

With EXHAUSTO Connect, you can:

  • Set ventilation to “Normal”, “Boost”, “Cooker hood boost” at time intervals
  • Get information about outdoor air quality and advice on measures to improve indoor air quality if necessary
  • Set ventilation to 'Holiday' with date ranges
  • Get information about filter changes and a link to filter ordering
  • Set week programme hour by hour

WAP communication module for the EXHAUSTO Connect app is supplied with the VEX40T Premium.
For VEX40T Classic, the WAP communication module must be purchased as an accessory.


Filter assortment

Filter assortment

VEX40T can be fitted with a wide range of filters that can be adapted to outdoor air quality as well as the end-user’s expectations of indoor air quality (e.g. in connection with allergies or other health conditions). In the table below, we provide our recommendations for selecting the optimal filter for your needs.

5 different filters for VEX40T

How to choose the optimal filter (for retrofitting)

  • Outdoor air quality (use EXHAUSTO Connect App)
  • Indoor air quality – what is the resident’s need
Resident needs ⇒

Filter type/quality
Icon filter – pollen 
> 10 µm
Icon filter – epm 10
Fine particles

10 µm
Icon filter – epm 2.5
Fine particles

2.5 µm
Icon filter – bacteria
1 µm
Icon filter – VOC
Volatile organic
Examples of contaminants
Particles in the air:
soil, sand, ash
Pollen, grasses Urban pollution:

automotive, industrial
Bacteria Odour
Pollen filter  Coarse 65%        
Particle filter (M5)   ePM10 50%      
Particle filter – fine particles (F7)   ePM10 85% ePM2.5 65% ePM1 50%  
Bacteria filter (F9)   ePM10 95% ePM2.5 95% ePM1 80%  
VOC filter
(F7 + activated carbon)
  ePM10 85% ePM2.5 65% ePM1 50% ePM2.5 65%
Eliminates gases and odours

Filtration efficiency

The filter can retain

...65% of particles >10μm

...85% of particles >10μm ...65% of particles >2.5μm ...50% of particles >1μm ...65% of particles >2.5μm and gas and odour

Filtration effect specified as per ISO 16 890 standard
1 μm = 1/1000 mm

Standard filter solution

VEX40T is supplied with the following filters as standard:

Model: Supply air Extract air
Classic Coarse 65% panel filter, 48 mm
Coarse 65% flat filter
Premium   ePM10 50%, panel filter 48 mm
Coarse 65% flat filter
VEX40T accessories

VEX40T accessories

[1] VEX40T Control Panel
[1]  Control panel for VEX40T with CO2 sensor
WAP communication module (modem) - (incl. in PREMIUM)
[3] Enthalpy heat exchanger (recovers both heat and moisture in the extract air)
[4] Siphon kit, water trap for condensation outlet
[5]  Kit for mounting on floor
[6] Integrated preheating coil 1.0 kW, 230V, supply from VEX40T
[7] Duct mounted preheating coil 1.5 kW, 230 V, separate supply
[7] Duct-mounted heating coil 0.3 kW, 230 V, separate supply 
[8] Module for connection of 1–2 fire dampers
[9] Silencer OCTA160
[10] Filters – see separate page on filters
VEX40T touch panel – photo 
Aldes Connect Modem 
Enthalpy heat exchanger for VEX40T
Syphon for VEX40T

VEX40T Base for installation on floor

Integrated HE for VEX40T
HE/PHE coil for VEX40T
Fire damper Kit for VEX40T

OCTA160 Silencer for VEX40T

5 different filters for VEX40T




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