Aldes Configurator

Use Aldes Configurator to install VEX40T. Once you have configured a unit, you can easily transfer the settings to other units via Modbus.

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Aldes Configurator

Aldes expertise ensures you fast installation and high quality service

Description of software

Aldes Configurator is a professional tool from Aldes that is compatible with VEX40T. The installer can use the tool during installation, commissioning and servicing of the units and the associated networks.

Simple installation and monitoring


Setting and saving parameters in less than 5 minutes


Simple installation – follow the description step-by-step


Simple and intuitive to use


Within seconds, you are ready to monitor the installation


How to use the Aldes Configurator


The Aldes Configurator makes it easy to install the ventilation units. The software suggests help for the installation through detailed diagrams. The software interface is simple and intuitive. The settings can be transferred immediately by connecting the computer to the unit with a USB cable adapted to the Modbus protocol.

The settings can be saved locally on a computer, which allows you to configure multiple identical devices in the same building.


To guarantee optimal commissioning of the network, the Aldes Configurator guides the installer step by step through the process.

The software allows you to register the data collected, which is stored in the form of a commissioning report when configuration is complete, and which will be useful for following the installation over a longer period of time.


The Aldes Configurator is aimed at professional ventilation technicians and installers. With the Aldes Configurator, servicing of the air handling unit can be done quickly and efficiently. The software offers a complete overview of the operation under the “Supervision” menu.

The most important values for the unit (temperature, setpoints, voltage) are shown in real time, so that any faults can be found quickly.

The software runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and is available in 7 language versions: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Danish.


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