VEX4000, modular air handling units

VEX4000, modular air handling units

VEX4000, a modular series of air handling units, covering a capacity range of 1,050-36,000 m3/h - also for outdoor installation


VEX4000, introduction

EXHAUSTO VEX4000 is a range of units suitable for many ventilation forms. The various section types can be combined and configured for practically any need. The units in the VEX4000 series cover a capacity range from 1050 to 36,000 m3/h.

World-class energy efficiency 

With VEX4000 you can satisfy the international 2020 energy requirements by means of EC motor technology and a high condensation efficiency level exceeding 90 %. 

EXHAUSTO's patented adaptive pressure control, which constantly optimises the pressure in the unit to match what the building requires, makes it possible to reduce your energy consumption even further than the traditional pressure regulation methods on the market (CAV, VAV and DVC).

Compact flexibility

All sections are mutually compatible in each model size, allowing the complete unit to preserve the same overall width and height. The units are available in LEFT and RIGHT versions.

EXHAUSTO offers three delivery options: 

  1. The units are supplied ready-assembled and Exhausto ensures that all modules are correctly connected and assembled on a base frame. 
  2. The modules are delivered separately, an advantage if they have to be transported inside the building. For this reason,VEX4000 has been specially designed for ease of assembly. 
  3. The unit is delivered as a SPLIT version, where the unit is delivered unassembled as a flat pack. This means that even large units can be transported through small doors and then assembled on site. The SPLIT solution is more expensive, since specially trained EXHAUSTO technicians are required. 

EXcon control system

All VEX4000 units are available with integrated control systems for advanced control of airflow, heating, cooling, humidification, etc. However, it is also possible to order VEX4000 without a control system. Read more about the EXcon control system under "EXcon control system for VEX4000".


VEX4000 is calculated and configured using the Eurovent and RLT-certified program EXselectPRO.

The program is used for configuration and energy calculations according to project requirements. The output consists of detailed technical data, dimensional sketches and energy calculations and the associated labels. 

Designed for hygiene

VEX4000 is designed for hygiene in order to prevent pathogenic microorganisms or harmful chemicals from being released into the air. This means that:

  • The unit is designed for easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Materials and components used in the VEX4000 are hygienic and certified in accordance with VDI 6022-1.

Certified hygiene (option)

We can supply VEX4000 air handling units that are certified hygienic, i.e. they are certified in accordance with VDI 6022-1. Select the VDI 6022-1 option in our product configurator EXselectPRO and we will ensure that all of the unit’s modules and parts are easily accessible for inspection and cleaning in order to prevent any accumulation of harmful bacteria or particles.

Synlab Certifikat Engelsk

The VEX4000 series has been audited and certified by Synlab, a German third-party laboratory. VDI 6022-1 is a standard issued by VDI – The Association of German Engineers.

Compliance with the VDI 6022-1 standard for hygiene in air handling units is a guarantee that the product meets the market’s most stringent hygiene standards. 

Find the certificate here (English version) >>

Capacity ranges

The following shows the capacity ranges which the individual sizes of VEX4000 can cover.


Our calculation tool "EXselectPro" is able to provide precise outputs and other data for your own project. Contact our sales department for a calculation.


VEX4000, construction


All sections consist of cabinets constructed on the same basic principle, with frame profiles and insulated panels. Generally speaking, great attention has been given to accessibility and easy maintenace.


The frame profiles are made from aluminium. This ensures both high strength and high corrosion resistance. The frames are assembled with push-in corners, and have gently rounded edges.


The panels are made from AluZink and are insulated with 50 mm mineral wool, ensuring both good thermal insulation and good sound damping (external noise).

The side panels are fixed to the frame profiles with screws. End, top and base panels have been fixed internally with screws, after which the joints are sealed.


CW/DX coils and IC/ICC cooling module are provided with drip trays and a removable droplet separator. The drip tray is located where it is easy to clean.

Inspection doors

The doors open 180° and give easy access for inspection and service. The doors seal shut, being designed on the same principles as the panels, but fitted with gaskets.


  • Solid handles, which are easy to operate and have integral locks
  • Lock sets for special keys

The hinges are adjustable and fixed to the rear of the doors for maximum connection strength.

Outdoor units

The air handling units can be supplied as a special outdoor version with roof and weather-resistant exhaust grills. They can also be fitted with an intake box for intake air.

Combination options

VEX4000 standard configurations

The following shows examples of combinations of sections - these are the standard configurations for VEX4000. By using our product selection program, EXselectPRO, you can configure the exact air handling unit you need for your current project.

Example 1 - suitable for schools, institutions and offices


The air handling unit shown is a VEX4000 with rotary heat exchanger and built-in heating coil, but it can also be configured with a duct-mounted heating coil.

Example 2 - suitable for stores with surplus heat from cooling compressors

RD13703 Example 2

This indoor system has a rotary heat exchanger and associated heating coils. What makes this configuration special is the specially manufactured heat recovery coil (HWR), only used if the premise's cooling unit is connected to a heat recovery unit for water.


Example 3 - ideal for offices or similar locales, where there is a need for cooling in the summer season


This air handling unit has a rotor, integrated DX cooling system and empty sections with lighting before and after the rotary heat exchanger section for inspecting the cooling coils. The air handling unit also has a heating coil. This configuration is typically used for offices or similar locales where there is a need for cooling in the summer season.

The configuration shown is also available as an outdoor air handling unit. In this case, the dampers are moved into the fan section, extending the length of this section. The empty and heating sections will extend the full height of the unit.

Example 4 - suitable for supermarkets, sports halls or industrial buildings


The configuration shown with rotary heat exchanger and separate integrated DX cooling with empty sections before and after the rotary heat exchanger for inspection and cleaning. A recirculation section is also shown, for use in situations where people want to reduce heating expenses by recirculating some of the extract air back to the supply air, thus saving on heating of the outdoor air. The air handling unit is also configured with a special heat recovery coil and a standard heating coil.

This configuration is ideal for a large supermarket, sports hall or an industrial building where there is heat surplus during the day and heating requirements during the night, and where the air quality in the premises does not need to have the same quality as during the day.

The air handling unit shown is also available for outdoor installation, however in this case the dampers will be fitted internally in the fan section, thus lengthening the air handling unit, while the heating section will have the full air handling unit's height.


Dimensions table

     4010 4020 4030  4040  4050 
Standard dimensions Height [mm]
Depth [mm]
Example 1 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 2 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 3 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 4 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]

     4060 4070 4080 4090 4100
Standard dimensions Height [mm]
Depth [mm]
Example 1 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 2 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 3 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]
Example 4 Length [mm]
Weight [kg]

Specially adapted solutions

SPV - specially adapted solutions

If the different VEX modules cannot be configured into a solution which matches your project, it is possible to have a specially adapted solution constructed.

Contact the Sales Department so we can help you find the optimal solution for your project.

VEX4000 med foil - Stockholm City


Cover for outdoor installation (RF)

A cover is available for units for outdoor mounting. The cover is mounted on each section with a precise fit for the selected unit size.

The cover protects the unit from rain, sleet and snow, keeping the unit dry and ready for operation.

The cover is made from AluZink mounted on the unit, either on site, if the unit is delivered in sections, or factory mounted, if the unit is supplied ready-mounted on a plinth.


Outdoor units are usually supplied ready-assembled on a base. If the unit cannot be transported or lifted in one piece, the unit is supplied in sections with a separate base frame.
For units which are to be mounted indoors, the base can be supplied in kit form. Adjustment screws are available.

Base elements can be supplied with adjustment screws and feet. 

Ready-assembled units are supplied on a full-length base. The base can be selected as a folded metal sheet base or a UPE section, depending on the length of the  unit.

Damper (MS)

The dampers are of louvre type and are used to shut off or open up air circulation in or to the unit. As an MS section, the dampers are used to mix extract air with the supply air in order to reduce energy consumption for heating.


The damper plates and frames are made of aluminium and seated in steel plate frames with synthetic bushings. The dampers have drive shafts directly connected with the damper motors.

Design options:

Inlet with damper
- for closing the system when the unit is inoperative.

Mixing damper
- for mixing two air streams.

Mixing and recirculation damper
- for closing the system when the unit is inoperative and for mixing outdoor air and recirculation air and for corresponding differentiation of exhaust air.

By-pass damper for crossflow heat exchanger
- for diverting outdoor air at times of falling heating demand, or where there is a risk of icing in the heat exchanger.

All dampers are Class 3.

Lighting and inspection windows

Lighting and inspection windows are offered for empty sections and fan sections. These allow internal parts of the unit to be inspected from the outside.

Filter monitor

Manometer til VEX4000  Filtervagt _ manometer
For units without an integral control system, a manometer is available for visual monitoring of filter soiling.

Water trap for wet functions 


Condensation outlets from wet functions (cooling coils and crossflow heat exchangers) must be fitted with a water trap. As an accessory a water trap made of plastic can be ordered - dimension DN32. The water trap is connected to the drain from the unit. All drains have smooth external pipes.

3 types of water traps 


  • SIPHONUP (negative pressure) - for connection to condensation outlet from unit 
  • SIPHONOP (positive pressure) - for connection to any cooling coil in the duct system 
  • SIPHONE02 - heating threat that will keep the water trap and water pipe frost free. A thermostate is mounted to ensure a low energy consumption 

Other accessories:

  • extra filter set
  • Intake cowl with grille for outdoor units.
  • Exhaust cowl with grille for outdoor units
  • Lock sets for special keys

Certificates and standards

VEX4000, certified quality and performance

The VEX4000 series has been designed and manufactured to satisfy a number of important rules and standards. This new series is the subject of an application for both Eurovent and RLT certification. 


Mechanical performance: Compliant with DS/EN 1886 
Strength of unit housing: Class D2 (M)
Air tightness at negative pressure of -400 Pa L1 (M)
Air tightness at positive pressure of +700 Pa L1 (M)
Filter bypass leakage: F9 for negative and positive pressure
Thermal transfer: T2 (M)
Thermal bridging factor: Class TB3 (M)
Standard: DS/EN ISO 12944-2
Corrosion category: C4


Eurovent logo VEX4000-VEX5000  VEX4000 is Eurovent-certified. As part of the certification process, the data in EXselectPRO is verified. 

DIN Ventilation and Air Conditioning standards (RLT)
logo RLT VEX4000 is certified in accordance with the German RLT certification program. As part of the certification process, the data in EXselectPRO is verified.

VDI 6022

VDI logo 

Synlab - VEX4000 VDI poster

VEX4000 has been developed in accordance with the German Hygiene Standard VDI 6022.

We can provide you with advice in how to ensure there is optimal access for inspection and cleaning of your air handling unit’s sub-components and thus prevent any harmful microorganisms occurring in the air handling unit’s airflows. 

You can also order VEX4000 air handling units that are certified hygienic, i.e. they are certified in accordance with VDI 6022-1 (at extra cost). This means that all of the unit’s modules and parts are easily accessible for inspection and cleaning in order to prevent harmful bacteria or particles, and that the unit has been certified by an independent laboratory (Synlab). Learn more about Certified Hygiene here.

VEX4000 Functions

VEX4000 functions

A VEX4000 unit is composed of a number of sections, each with its own function. Individual adaptation is performed in close dialogue with the customer, and in practice configuration is carried out with the product selection programm EXselectPRO. Here is a list of the separate functions. Below is a more detailed description of the individual VEX4000 sections.

Designation Function
ER Rotary heat exchanger
CF Counterflow heat exchanger
EX Crossflow heat exchanger
FAN/FX Fan section with filter 
Reversible heat pump
Reversible heat pump with rotary heat exchanger
HW Water heating coil
CW Water cooling coil
DX  Cooling coil for direct expansion 
HWR Heat recovery coil (special solution for shops)
HE  Electric heating coil 
IC Integrated DX cooling 
ICC Integrated DX cooling with rotor and cold recovery 
MR Mixer and recirculation section
MS Damper
SP Empty section
RF Cover for outdoor installation

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