EXcon (Control system for VEX4000)


All VEX4000 units are available with integral control system for controlling airflows, heating, cooling, humidification, etc. The operating program is configured for how and when the control system will switch between the integral functions.

If necessary, the program can be overridden with temporary positive instructions, after which it will return to the active operating program. 

Naturally, it is also possible to order VEX4000 without a control system - however, this does not apply to VEX4000 with integrated cooling.


All VEX4000 units are available with integral EXcon control systems for optimum control of the indoor climate in practically every application area. We also offer, via the EXcon
control system, special solutions for application areas which require specific control facilities, e.g. shop solutions which ensure the correct indoor climate,
including areas with humidification, special cooling control and precise temperature control.

EXcon control systems can be used for controlling airflows, heating, cooling, humidification, etc. The operating program is configured for how and when the control system will switch between the integral functions. If necessary, the program can be overridden with temporary positive instructions, after which it will return to the active operating program.

Integral functions in the control system

  • Automatic changeover from summer to normal operation
  • Heating coil with frost monitoring
  • Constant operation
  • Weekly program controlled by internal timer
  • Timer-controlled extended or intensified operation
  • External start or stop
  • Program updating with SD card
  • Monitoring of 20 systems via portal solution (option)

Setup and control can be performed with a browser or at the manual terminal. The functions available in the latter are restricted to those most frequently used. The web solution is integrated in the control system.

Network communication supports BACNet via TCP/IP and Modbus via RS485 or TCP/IP. Optionally, LON communication is also supported.

EXcon manual terminal

A control panel with a 2 m. cable is included with VEX4000. The control panel can be placed near the air handling unit itself or in a nearby control room.

The control panel is simple and convenient for all types of user, thanks to its visual control system.

  • Integral intelligent web server with information level adaptable to user
  • The modular BUS system eliminates potential errors
  • Security from unauthorised access
  • Effective troubleshooting and monitoring
Optimum costs
  • Simple implementation, training and maintenance,  
  • Many adjustment options,
  • Uniquely user-friendly
  • Energy savings through optimum operation
  • A platform which can be customised
  • Upgrading possible
  • Adaptations via SD card, 
  • Option for integration into many different BMS systems
Control and regulation

Setting the operating parameters

Factory setting of standard operating parameters and setpoints is performed according to the standards for comfort ventilation. Further adjustment to the final operating situation is performed during testing and start-up of the unit.

Control and regulation:

Control forms

  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • CO2Pressure

Temperature regulation

  • Temperature regulation
  • Constant supply air temperature
  • Constant extract air temperature 
  • Constant room temperature
  • Constant difference between extraction and air supply (extract air and supply air)
  • Summer and winter compensation
  • Heating of recirculated air (option)
  • Summer night cooling

Web user interface

The web user interface allows for setup and control of the EXcon control system via both the internet and local networks. This gives the user the freedom to operate the unit wherever and whenever required.

The available functions are determined by the profile used to log into the unit. The most frequent operating forms are gathered together under the User profile. The Installer and Service profiles give access to functions intended for the initial setup.

Once the weekly program has been set up, the unit will function without supervision or intervention. Any needs for overriding the system - and thus deviating from the weekly program - can also be accommodated. The current unit status and display of setpoints are shown on a flow diagram.

EXcon, integral control system

EXcon supports the following networks:

  • Integrated webserver - TCP/IP
  • Modbus - RS485 / TCP/IP
  • BACnet - TCP/IP
  • LonWorks - FT10 (additional module)

EXcon is based on BUS technology, with many external communications facilities. All control can be performed from a central unit via the web server.

EXHAUSTO offers special solutions for areas which require specific control facilities, e.g. shops which need precise temperature control, special cooling control and humidified areas.

EXcon Illustration

EXcon, accessories for control system (sensors)

The following sensors are available as accessories for the EXcon control system:


PTH DUCT Pressure sensor for constant pressure regulation of both supply air and exhaust air ducts incl. ModBus communication.

Power supply via Modbus 24 VDC
Measurement range 0 - 2500 Pa
- Operation
- For brief periods, however
-20°C to 40°C
-30°C to 50°C
Ingress protection IP54


CO2 Duct EXcon CO2sensor for room or duct mounting

Power supply  24 V AC/DC
Control signal, analog output 0–10 VDC 
Measurement range
- CO
- CO:

0 - 2000 ppm
0-100 ppm
Accuracy. CO2 DUCT
- CO2:
- CO:

±30 ppm @ 25°C
±10 ppm @ 25°C
 Accuracy. CO2 ROOM
- CO2:

- CO:

±1% of measured range and
±5% of measured value
±10 ppm 
Ingress protection IP54


VOC sensor

TS Room
VOC sensor with Modbus
The VOC sensor is used to measure air quality in the case of demand control. The sensor measures the content of volatile organic gases emitted by people, fittings, cleaning products and building materials.

The VOC concentration is converted to its CO2equivalent. The sensor can thus replace existing CO2sensors.

VOC sensor
Power supply  18 - 30 V DC, nominal 24 V AC/DC via Modbus
Start-up time - reaction time 15 min. - > 5 min 
Measurement range
450-2000 ppm CO2equivalent
Accuracy RH
± 150 ppm

PIR sensor

PIR sensor

Motion sensor, overrides unit when movement is detected in room where it is installed. The detector has a sensor range of 110°.

To avoid inadvertent starting and stopping, a delay can be programmed in.

PIR sensor
Supply voltage 24VAC/DC (18 - 26 V AC/DC) 
Power consumption  Type: 500 mW, max 1W
Output Relay: 24 V AD7DC, 5A/NO, 3A/NC
Detection range
- Sensor angle
- Range

Approx. 15 m. 
Temperature range -10 to + 60°C
- Starting delay
- Stopping delay
From 0 til 10 min.
From 5 sec. to 30 min. 
Dimensions L x H x W 66 mm x 112 mm x 45 mm
56 g

Room sensor 

Room sensor

Room sensor for recording room temperature.

The room sensor is designed for wall mounting or installation in a wall box.

Polar white

Room sensor
 Power supply  24 V AC/DC
 Measurement range  -20 °C to +70 °C
 Ingress protection IP20


Outside air temperature sensor

EXcon accessories TS

For measuring outdoor air temperature and used for shops, etc. for controlling recirculation solution for cooling. Available with control panel for room mounting.

Outside air  temperature sensor 
 Power supply  24 V AC/DC
 Measurement range  -40 °C to +70 °C

Temperature sensor, return water

EXcon accessories TS

Temperature sensor for return water on HW-/HWR heating coils and CW cooling coils. The temperature sensor must be installed on the return water pipe.

TS RETURN, temperature sensor for measuring temperature of return water
 Power supply  24 V AC/DC
 Measurement range  -50 °C to +70 °C

EXcon, other accessories for control system

The following accessories are available for the EXcon control system:

LON module for BMS unit

Via the Web server, the units can be connected to BMS units with other protocols via a converter. Converter module - LON is available for purchase.

Smoke detector 

Smoke detector

Unigard smoke detector has been specially developed for measuring flue gases in ventilation ducts. The detector can be fitted in the unit or retrofitted in the duct.

When placed in the unit's air intake or intake duct, the detector must be connected to "FIRE".
When placed in the unit's air exhaust or extract duct, the detector must connected to "EXT. HIGH".


 Smoke detector
 Power supply  24 V AC/DC
 Measurement range Optical
 Measurement range, temperature  -10 °C to +55 °C
 Ingress protection IP54

Fire thermostat

Fire Thermostat

For measuring high temperatures. Smoke detectors and other fire alarm switches may be connected. Select cut-out at 50 °C or 70 °C

 Fire thermostat
 Temperature area  50 °C
70 °C

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