Crossflow heat exchanger (EX)

EX module

The classic crossflow heat exchanger can be a good choice, especially as the two air streams are completely separate, avoiding passage of contaminated or moist air from the extract air to the supply air.

Function and application

VEX4000 crossflow heat exchanger


The classic crossflow heat exchanger secures stable, economic operation and meets the requirement for separated air streams, so that neither contaminated air nor humidity are transferred from extract air to supply air.

A crossflow heat exchanger can achieve a temperature efficiency of up to 73 %, which can be an advantage in buildings with too high a heating surplus.

At low outdoor temperatures, condensate is separated from the warm air stream, thus allowing part of the latent heat to be recovered.

VEX4000 EX 


For regulating the heat exchanger's performance, there are integral by-pass ducts which allow the outdoor air to be wholly or partly diverted round the heat exchanger. This can be utilised in the shoulder seasons, where there is no need for full heat recovery.

Condensation outlet

The crossflow heat exchanger section is fitted with corrosion resistant base trays, with a fall to the drain, allowing cleaning of the heat exchanger while mounted in the unit. The condensation drains have smooth piping and exit the panel on the operating side, where a water trap should be fitted.

Design options


  • standard crossflow heat exchanger in aluminium -for extraction and other purposes with no special requirement for high efficiency
  • high-performance crossflow heat exchanger in aluminium - for higher efficiency ratings
  • high-performance crossflow heat exchanger in aluminium ERP 18 - for extra high efficiency
  • epoxy-coated crossflow heat exchanger for particularly corrosive environments

Dimensions, dimensions table for EX module

EX, heat exchanger section with crossflow heat exchanger

Dimensions table

VEX4000 model Height  Length   Depth
VEX4010 [mm] 1309 1038 1055
VEX4020 [mm]
1309 1038 1275
VEX4030 [mm] 1499 1180 1549
VEX4040 [mm]
1599 1320 1630
VEX4050 [mm]
1744 1320 1755
VEX4060 [mm]
2069 1468 1930
VEX4070 [mm]
2069 1468 2115
VEX4080 [mm]
2494 1610 2325
VEX4090 [mm]
2744 1893 2625
VEX4100 [mm]
3024 1893 2895

The indicated dimensions are the dimensions for the section - EXselectPRO gives the correct dimensions for the whole air handling unit, including assembly fittings and seals.

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