Fan (FAN) with filter (FX)

PF Chamber fan

Plenum fan with total efficiency up to 70 %. For each unit size, two motor dimensions are available, allowing optimum operation to be achieved over the whole capacity range.

Function and application


The plenum fan is often integrated in compact single units, as it provides greater flexibility with respect to installation location and spigot position.

This fan type is generally suitable for moderate to high duct pressure drops. The fan creates a static pressure in the plenum chamber, with the outlet opening located in the end or top (size 4010-4050 only) of the unit. On the outside, flanges can be mounted for fitting ducts.


Operating costs

Total efficiency rates of up to 70 % can be achieved with EC motors, allowing operation at optimum rotational speeds. This gives the unit good operating economy.

Design options

Units with plenum fans are dimensioned in EXselectPRO.

For each unit size, two motor dimensions are available, allowing optimum operation to be achieved over the whole capacity range.



Plenum fans, which are available with VEX4000 units, consist of energy-optimised and directly driven centrifugal fans without ventilator housing and with backward curved blades. 


The fan consists of a fan impeller mounted directly on the shaft journal. The fan impeller is made of 100% recyclable material.

Fan suspension

The motor and fan are mounted in a fan suspension with oscillation dampers which can be pulled out on rail sections in the base of the unit for servicing and cleaning.


The motor is a flange-mounted motor connected via a terminal box, with EC motors of class IE5 for optimum total efficiency.


On the suction side, the inlet funnel has been fitted against the suction chamber. No metallic contact due to a flexible rubber sealing, ensuring the fan to work without transferring vibrations to the unit. 

Filter (FX) for plenum fan

FX, Filter types

The filter units for the air handling units are supplied mounted in special frames. They are of bag filter type. The filters meet the requirements of ISO 16850. 

Depending on requirements for cleanness and separation for the ventilation air, the filters can be supplied in different classes:

  •  ePM10 50% (M5)
  •  ePM1 65% (F7) 
  •  ePM1 65% (FC7)”Pocket City Flo” (filter with carbon, which can remove odours)
  •  ePM1 85% (F9)

Pre-filtering on the supply air/extract air side

 The air handling unit configuration has a pre-filter option. If this option is selected, a 48 mm panel filter can be inserted in front of the bag filter - see the image.
Prefiltration panelfilter VEX4000

Placing a coarser filter in front of a finer filter reduces soiling on the finer filter. Depending on the outdoor air and the desired quality of the supply air, this can be a good idea/option.

Pre-filters (48 mm) are available in the following classes:

  • Coarse 60% (G4)
  • ePM10 80% (M5)
  • ePM1 50% (F7)

Pressure drop, etc. can be calculated in the product selection programme EXselectPRO.



Dimensions, dimensions table

Fan (FAN) with filter (FX)

Dimensions table

VEX4000 model

Length   Depth

without damper  with damper 
VEX4010 [mm] 1309 710 809 1055
VEX4020 [mm]
1309 710 809 1275
VEX4030 [mm] 1499 820 1019 1549
VEX4040 [mm]
1599 820 1019 1630
VEX4050 [mm]
1744 820 1019 1755
VEX4060 [mm]
2069 910 1109 1930
VEX4070 [mm]
2069 1000 1199 2115
VEX4080 [mm]
2494 1000 1199 2325
VEX4090 [mm]
2744 1000 1199 2625
VEX4100 [mm]
3024 1000 1199 2895

The indicated dimensions are the dimensions for the section - EXselectPRO gives the correct dimensions for the whole air handling unit, including assembly fittings and seals.

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