RHP, reversible heat pump


The environmentally-friendly solution for ventilation, heating and cooling - all integrated in one air handling unit. 

Function and application

Reversible heat pump (RHP-ER/RHP)

Function and application

The environmentally-friendly solution for ventilation, heating and cooling in an integrated air handling unit. 

  • One calculation incl. documentation and technical data via EXselectPRO
  • One factory-tested unit
  • One control system, the advanced EXcon control system
  • One supplier for the whole installation
  • No need for extra heating or cooling installations

We provide the reversible heat pump in two versions:


Here the rotary heat exchanger is positioned between the evaporator and the condenser.

With this solution you get:

  • The lowest energy consumption
  • Option for cold recovery


Here the heat exchanger and heat pump are positioned in separate modules. This solution can be chosen with either a rotary heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger (crossflow or counterflow heat exchanger).

With this solution you get:

  • A compact solution, i.e. easier on-site transport of modules
  • No need for de-icing


Reversible heat pump (RHP-ER/RHP)


VEX4000RHP is made from high-quality components to ensure reliability, long lifetime and low energy consumption.


 Schroll kopmpressor

Danfoss VTH Scroll compressor

  • Low energy consumption
  • High efficiency across the whole capacity range
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal noise level

Expansion valve:

Danfoss Colibri Ekspansionsventil 

Colibri expansion valve

  • Very reliable and long lifetime
  • Precise injection of coolant in evaporator
  • Optimal evaporation means lower energy consumption

Suction gas exchanger:


Suction gas exchanger 4K SC

  • Increased capacity with the same power consumption = increased efficiency
  • Reduced risk of hammering


Rotor - surface (VEX200 & VEX4000) Sorption (HUGO)

Sorption rotor

We recommend that VEX4000RHP-ER and VEX4000RHP are configured with a sorption rotor – especially if the air handling unit shall be installed in an area with a hot and humid climate.

Dimensions, dimensions table

Reversible heat pump (RHP-ER/RHP)

Dimensions table

VEX4000 model

Length   Depth

 VEX4010 1309 820 1690  1055
1309 820 1690 1275
 VEX4030   1499 820 1690  1549
 1599 820 1690  1630
 VEX4050   1744 820  1790  1755
2069 1100 1790 1930
2069 1200  1890 2115
2494 1200 1890 2325
2744 1300  1990 2625
3024 1300 1990 2895

The indicated dimensions are the dimensions for the section - EXselectPRO gives the correct dimensions for the whole air handling unit, including assembly fittings and seals.

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