EXcon zone control

EXcon zone control

Zone control of up to four zones per unit. This allows the optimum ventilation principle to be employed in each room (zone).

An example might be a car workshop with four different rooms, such as workshop, office, stores and showroom, each of which has different requirements for temperature, humidity and air changes.

See full-size illustration in the section "Introduction to zone control" below.


Introduction to zone control


Zone control makes it possible to control ventilation in up to four different rooms (zones) according to different ventilation principles. The unit must be pressure-controlled (VAV). This makes it possible for the same ventilation unit to meet differing requirements for temperature, humidity and air changes. Zone control permits the use of energy-optimised installation, as each room can be ventilated according to requirements.

Zone control can be used for control of:
  • cooling
  • heating
  • VAV dampers
  • humidity
  • CO2

How zone control works:

Zone control is performed by one zone module per zone.

For each zone module it is possible to:

  • Set a weekly timer
  • Set parameters for temperature, airflow, humidity and CO2 

The individual zone modules must be connected in series, in a so-called "daisy chain".

Zone control - overview

Accessories for zone control

The following accessories can be connected for zone control:

Room - Touch for EXcon


Touch display with user-friendly graphics and integral temperature sensor

 CO2 Duct EXcon


CO2 sensor for room or duct fitting

TS Room


VOC sensor for measuring air quality

Novema PIR sensor


Motion sensor, which overrides the unit in case of movement

RH for duct


Humidity and temperature sensor with Modbus - for duct fitting


Find technical data for the individual sensors under EXcon control system, EXcon accessories for control system (sensors)

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