Technical data

Technical data, VEX240

Air handling unit data
Min. airflow  370 m³/h
Max. airflow  2,420 m³/h
Power consumption 1.8 kW
Electrical Supply 1 x 230 V + N + PE ∼ 50 Hz 
Max. phase current 12,5 A (Power consumption is not sine shaped) 
Weight of operational air handling unit 260 kg 
Weight of air handling unit for transport 200 kg (ex. lids and fan units) 

Ambient temperature (operating)

At temperatures below -25˚C (with outdoor installation), use of a thermostatically controlled heater in automated control box is recommended.

-30°C to +50°C 

Rotor - stepper motor:

Voltage 230 V 
Phase current 0.2 A 
Power consumption 45 W 
Over-current protection Built in 
Control (built in rotation monitor)   Continuously variable from 0 to 10 rpm on the rotor 

Motor and motor control (MC) data
Motor type EC motor
Motor class in accordance with IEC TS 60034-30-2 IE5 (Ultra Premium Efficiency)
Voltage input 1 x 230 V
Current overload protection Built-in
Regulation Variable via motor control (MC)
Control signal with control system Modbus
Control signal with third party control system 0 - 10 V DC
Fluid temperature (air) -40°C....+40°C


Data according to Ecodesign Directive

Fan data

Max. total efficiency (A-D) 58.1%
ECO measurement set-up (A-D) A
Efficiency level requirements 62N (2015)
ECO efficiency level during optimal operating point 76.2n


Motor data (optimal operating point)

EC motor With motor controller
Power consumption 0.67 kW
Airflow 2286 m3/h
Total pressure 617 Pa
RPM during optimal operating point  2886



- Density = 1.2 kg/m3
- Pressure ratio < 1.11
- other points in acc. with EC327/2011 (see product instructions)

Temperature efficiency

Temperature efficiency, VEX240

VEX240 with standard rotor

VEX240 with highly efficient rotor

VEX240 High efficient rotor 


The temperature efficiency of the VEX units is shown at different airflow ratios, calculated as:

t2,1 = Temperature of outdoor air (fresh air)
t2,2 = Temperature of supply air
t1,1 = Temperature of extract air
Extract air = 25 ºC
Outdoor air (fresh air) = 5 ºC

Temperature efficiency is shown in accordance with EN308 at dry heat recovery and is increased with condensation.
Dimensional sketches

Dimensional sketches, VEX240 

VEX240 - Fan location 1, here shown as LEFT

(air handling unit measurements in mm)

VEX240 - Fan location 2, here shown as LEFT

(air handling unit measurements in mm)

All measurements are excluding feet (12 mm) and base (adjustable from 105 - 135 mm).
1) Allow a distance for servicing in front of the unit that is equivalent to the depth of the air handling unit.
2) Allow a min. of 200 mm free height for service.

Cooling and heating coils

Cooling and heating coils, VEX240 

The following cooling and heating coils are suitable with VEX240

Type Model
HE electric heating coil  HCE240
HW water heating coil HW315
CW cooling coil (water)  CW315I
DX cooling/heating coil DX315L

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