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Specially trained engineers at the office and out in the field

EXHAUSTO's Service Department consists of:

Internal service engineers, ready with quick and professional advice and guidance

External engineers, who service and maintain EXHAUSTO air handling units and control systems for ventilation contractors. The external engineers are located to enable EXHAUSTO Service DK to provide good and effective service throughout Denmark.

A service coordinator to take care of practical details relating to contact, complaints etc.

All our service engineers have received special training in EXHAUSTO's products and control systems. They are continuously retrained, both internally and externally, so they can help our customers quickly and efficiently at all times.

EXHAUSTO does not provide service to residents and end-users - only to ventilation contractors and other professionals

Is the ventilation in your home - or workplace - not working properly?

EXHAUSTO recommends you contact the person responsible for the building, e.g. a building manager, caretaker etc. This person will have contact with a ventilation contractor, who can service the ventilation system and remedy the problem.

Service tips for residents and end-users.


Get free advice on ventilation products and system solutions

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