Control system, external communication

Find here information about the control system that EXHAUSTO provides for your units.

EXact control system, is used for:

  • VEX100 (implemented 01-01-2013)
  • VEX100CF
  • VEX200 (implemented 10-01-2008)
  • VEX308 (established with EXact)
  • VEX320-330 (implemented 01-04-2012)
  • VEX340-350-360-370 (established with EXact)

EXcon control system, is used for:

  • VEX4000 
  • VEX5000/ZCN

EON control system , (discontinued) - was used for:

  • VEX100 (used up until end of 2012)
  • VEX200 (used up to end of end of 2009)


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