Service tips


Ensure that the VEX unit is regularly serviced and inspected. This will ensure optimum operation. For example, failure to change filters or to carry out cleaning may increase the VEX unit's energy consumption and reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

EXHAUSTO recommends users to sign a service agreement with the ventilation contractor. This will ensure that the ventilation unit can continue to meet the specified/estimated values for capacity and energy consumption - even after lengthy usage.

Service intervals:

See below for when and how often the VEX unit is to be maintained:

Maintenance of VEX200

Maintenance of VEX320C/330C 

Maintenance of VEX330H

Maintenance of VEX340H

Maintenance of VEX350H/360H



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Please have a look at how to demount and remount the six counter flow exchangers (in VEX370)
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