Indoor climate

Give the children a good indoor climate

There is no longer any doubt that pupils find it easier to learn if they can avoid sitting in stuffy classrooms with poor or no ventilation. Warm, humid, heavy air results in tired and unconcentrated pupils. It affects their ability to learn and impairs the teacher's working conditions.



A German doctor, Von Pettenkoffer, discovered more than 150 years ago that when the CO2 level in a classroom goes over 1000 ppm, pupils' learning capacity falls. This finding has several times been confirmed by modern international research.

The Technical University of Denmark's International Centre for Indoor Climate Environment and Energy has studied the indoor climate of Danish schools, and according to its research:

  • Indoor air quality in schools is poorer than in offices
  • As children are more sensitive, indoor air quality effects them more than it does adults
  • 1°C lower temperature in the classroom enhances pupils' performance by approx. 3% in the range 25°C to 20°C
  • A doubling of classroom ventilation increases student performance by around 11%
  • The effect of reduced temperature and higher ventilation rate enhances pupils' performance by up to 30%


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