Indoor climate

People spend about 90% of our time indoors, so why shouldn't indoor air be as clean as the air outdoors?

Society has strict requirements for food and water, but only a few requirements for the life-giving air we breathe every day.

In the western world, 50% of children of school age suffer from asthma or allergy, double the number of 20 years ago. These and other diseases appear to be due to the thousands of new chemicals we are exposed to each day, both indoors and out.

Studies show that the air in the home can contain unpleasant and even dangerous gases emitted from furniture, carpets, electronic appliances and building materials. On top of that are emissions stemming from the occupants, in the form of humidity, tobacco smoke, cooking, particles from candles etc. If you let fresh air in, dust, car exhaust particles and factory fumes, pollen and noise can all enter the home.

A human being ingests about 3 litres of water and
1 kg of food per day.

But we breathe in 25-30 kg of air per day, though the requirements for air are nowhere near as strict as those for the quality of our food and water. 



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