Humidity is harmful to the building

Humidity is thought to be the most significant source of indoor air contamination and arises from the presence and activities of the occupants of the home.

A household consisting of 4 people produces about 12 l of water per day from breathing, sweat, showers, cleaning, cooking etc. This humidity must be removed either with a mechanical ventilation unit or manually by opening a window.

Mould growth can be avoided

High air humidity provides good breeding conditions for house dust mites and mould growth, which in turn can cause allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals. Mould growth should therefore be dealt with whenever discovered. Mould also damages the building.

A relative humidity of 75% will allow mould spores to develop. Indoor air humidity should therefore be kept below 40% on cold winter days and under 75% most days in the summer.


Invest in a hygrometer, which can measure air humidity, or notice the inside pane of the window in your living room. If there is more than 2 cm of condensation, this is a sign of too much humidity in the indoor air, and poor ventilation.           Dug på ruden


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