CASE STORY: Halley 6

Halley 6 - Antartic Continent

Halley 6 

These are unist installed on the research stations of Halley 6 on the Antarctic continent. Temperatures at Halley rarely rise above 0°C although temperatures around -10°C are common on sunny summer days. Typical winter temperatures are below -20°C with extreme lows of around -55°C.

During the winter months there are usually around 14 overwintering staff. In a typical winter the team is isolated from when the last ship leaves in late February until the first plane arrives in early November.

It is therefore essential that equipment used for supply ventilation and comfort living conditions is reliable and trustworthy in such extreme conditions.

EXHAUSTO is very proud to be part of this solution supplying Air Handling units to keep the men and women of Halley 6 comfortable and secure with clean fresh air, whilst recovery as much heat energy as possible through the use of our efficient heat exchangers.



British Antarctic Survey
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2 VEX330 units 

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