Storo Garden

We got the contract because of our great flexibility of projecting and designing air handling units. It was also essential that the factory was located close to the construction site and EXHAUSTO could provide personnel to mount the air-handling unit on site. Everyone was involved in the process; the builder, the consultant, the contractor, the supplier, and the factory.

The size of the 2pcs RVT-special, with air volume of 130000m3h combined and massive size of the heating and cooling battery. The tailor-made solution of the project and the good cooperative projecting, communication and the work from the builder, consultant, contractor and supplier. For the 2 largest air-handling units it was necessary to construct the casing, fans and filters on site due to the large size of the recovering batteries, also heating and cooling batteries.


Project: Ventilation of apartments


2 pcs RVT-Module-Special-N capacity 65000m3h,delivered as recovering battery solution with each has weight of 2000kg,  Each unit also has 8 pcs batteries with the size of battery 2700x6000mm

2 pcs RVT-245-M capacity 15000m3h,

1 pcs RVT-150-N capacity 6000m3h,

1 pcs SMART-2-R-NA2-3-2 capacity 2000m3h

Builder: Skanska Norge AS

Petter Haagenrud
+ 47 466 20 350

Contractor: Energima Prosjekt AS

Tom Johansen
+ 47 932 33 656

Consultant: Norconsult AS
Simen Seip Blystad
+ 47 950 60 450

Competitors: IV-product, Fläkt Woods

EXHAUSTO contact person:

Børre Larsen 


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