WSB University, Szczecin, Poland

Modernization of the future headquarters of WSB University in Szczecin.


Project data:

Modernization of the future headquarters of WEB University

History of The WSB University in Szczecin dates back to April 23, 2008 and the government approval to establish the Faculty of Economics in Szczecin as a third location of the WSB University in Poznań. Soon the Szczecin campus saw the launch of premier courses in finance and banking.

Over the years, university have been working hard and continued to expand and refine range of educational products. The WSB University is growing stronger year by year and ise today seen among the Polish top private institutions of higher education with lots of distinctions, accreditations and certificates.

The university deliver all kinds of degree programs, a rich variety of training courses, and even MBA programs.

In 2020, a thorough modernization of the building located at Śniadeckich 3 Street, which is to become the new headquarters of WSB University in Szczecin, began.

All modernization works involving the reconstruction of the existing building and the replacement of all installations are to be completed in June 2021 so that the new academic year can begin at the beginning of October 2021.

Project details:

The main mechanical ventilation system in the modernized building was implemented based on EXHAUSTO decentralized ventilation solutions.

All classrooms on 3 floors are ventilated by 29 VEX308CEC devices.

The installation:

  • Numbers of AHU units: 29 
  • Type of units: VEX308CEC decentraliced units
  • Air volumes: up to 850 m³/h
  • Heat exchanger technology: Counterflow heat exchanger

The solution

In the sales work made by KLIMATWENT focus was on easy mounting and easy control of unit – and the flexibility of the unit. The building is a multi-purpose building with walls to minimize or enlarge rooms and each room can be ventilated with a VEX308. During  the start up of the unit the local entrepreneurs was impressed by the easy set-up of the unit. 

WSB-university-Szczecin-campus-under-modernization-2 VEX308-controller-instruction

WSB University were the units were mounted 

Setting up the first unit with local entrepreneurs and KLIMATWENT 

VEX308 Decentralised Ventilation:

Airflow 150–850 m³/h

  • Decentralised ventilation for  schools, offices, etc
  • Visible installation in the room it ventilates
  • Many colour combinations
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • EXact2 control system
  • Quiet operation


Find more information about VEX308 here



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