Cooling coil CW (water)

Cooling coil

CW cooling coils are the ideal cooling solution for cold water systems and can be used with air handling units VEX100, VEX200 and VEX340-350-360-370. CW cooling coils are available with insulated and non-insulated cabinets.


CW cooling coil (water)

Cooling coil CW is an accessory for VEX100, VEX200 and VEX340-350-360-370. The coil is used to decrease the temperature of the supply air. The cooling coil can either be controlled by the EXact2 control system or supplied for connection to a third-party control system. CW cooling coils in insulated cabinet can be adjusted for outdoor installation.


Accessory for CW

Function/component Description
Temperature sensors

1. In the supply air duct to measure/control supply air temperature
2. In the supply water pipe for the cooling coil

Modulating motor valve Valve for variably regulating the flow of water to the cooling coil, depending on the cooling requirement
Circulation pump control

1. Control of the cooling coil circulation pump
2. Motion control of the circulation pump for periods that do not require cooling.

Control system:
MCCW module

MCCW module for control of cooling coil

Connection of CW coil

Connecting the water

It is important to connect the CW coil correctly. See below...

Note: MVM is used as a general term for an engine valve.

Mixing loop 1:
Principle: Variable flow in the primary circuit (supply) and constant flow in secondary circuit (VEX unit):

RD11857, Principskitse CCW100-200-300, type 1

Mixing loop 2:
Principle: Constant flow in both the primary circuit (supply) and secondary circuit (VEX unit): 

RD11858, Principskitse CCW100-200-300, type 2

Explanation of simplified diagram

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