Cooling coil/heating coil DX


DX cooling coil in non-insulated cabinet without control system

DX coils are an ideal cooling solution for VRV(F) units or external DX cooling units. DX coils can be used together with VEX100, VEX200 and VEX300 units. DX coils can be used both as an evaporator (cooling coil) and condenser (heating coil). If both functions are to be present on the same coil, the DX coil must be connected to a reversible cooling unit.

DX coils are supplied with non-insulated cabinet for coolant R410A.

Choice of DX coil

Selection of correct coil for VEX unit

By selecting the recommended DX coil for your unit you ensure that air speed through the coil does not exceed 2.5 m/s, thus making a droplet separator unnecessary.

Item no.  Dimensioned for VEX
 DX315S(L/R)UX  VEX320C-1, VEX320C-2, VEX330C-1, VEX330H-1
 DX315M(L/R)UX  VEX330C-2, VEX330H-2
 DX315L(L/R)UX  VEX140, VEX240
 DX400(L/R)UX  VEX150, VEX250, VEX340
 DX500(L/R)UX  VEX160
 DX04x08(L/R)UX  VEX260
 DX05x06(L/R)UX  VEX170
 DX05x08(L/R)UX  VEX350, VEX360
 DX05x10(L/R)UX  VEX270
 DX06x14S(L/R)UX  VEX280
 DX06x14L(L/R)UX  VEX280



All DX cooling/heating coils have 3 rows of high-quality copper pipes in 3/8" diameter and 0.3 mm wall thickness.
The pipes are suitable for most primary coolants under both cold and hot working conditions. This also ensures efficient drainage of condensate and prevents dust accumulation on the inner side.
The materials used for pipes and fins are of high quality and manufactured to ISO 9002.


The pipes are arranged as so-called S22-10: with the 3/8" (9.52 mm) copper pipes in the offset geometry 25.00 x 21.65, which is suited to medium-capacity air conditioning and cooling units.


The frame is in galvanised steel. The punched holes have collars to enlarge the contact surface between the frame and the pipe and to avoid sharp edges against the copper pipes. The frame construction gives the coil great strength.


The headers are made from copper pipe. They gather all the parallel circuits from the coil into the headers.


The distributor is of Venturi type. Via welded-on capillary tubes, the distributor ensures uniform distribution of coolant in the DX coil's parallel circuits.

DX coil with both cooling and heating functions

Wiring diagram for connection of the DX coil:

If the DX coil is to be used as both a cooling and heating coil, it must be connected as shown in the diagram below:


The compressor can be controlled via the MXHP module. See more under the Exact automatic section for the individual VEX models.

Dimensioned drawings, rectangular duct connection

DX coil with rectangular duct connection


Side dimensions:

Model A [mm]  A1 [mm]  B [mm]  C [mm]  F [mm] G [mm] 
DX04x08 (L/R)  665  30  765  985 800 400
DX05x08 (L/R)  665  30  765 985  800  500
DX05x06 (L/R)  665  30  965  1285  600 500
DX05x10 (L/R)  665  30  965  1285  1000  500
DX06x14 Small (L/R)  665  30 965  1885  1400  600
DX06x14 Large (L/R)  665  30  1165  2085  1400  600
DX08x12 (L/R)  665  30 1165  1485  1200  800


Pipe dimensions:

Model   D [mm] E [mm]  H [mm] I [mm]   J [mm]
DX04x08 (L/R)  100  50  28  22 DN32 (1¼")
DX05x08 (L/R)  100  50  28  22 DN32 (1¼")
DX05x06 (L/R)  100  50  35  28  DN32 (1¼")
DX05x10 (L/R)  100  50  35  28  DN32 (1¼")
DX06x14 Small (L/R)  100 50  42  35  DN32 (1¼")
DX06x14 Large (L/R)  100  50  42  35  DN32 (1¼")
DX08x12 (L/R)  100 50  35  28  DN25 (1")

Dimensioned drawings, circular duct connection

DX coil with round duct connection



Side dimensions:

Model A [mm]  A1 [mm]  B [mm]  C [mm]  D [mm]
DX315 Small (L/R)  665 45  382  535  315
DX315 Medium (L/R)  665  45  382  635  315
DX315 Large (L/R)  665  45  532  685  315
DX400 (L/R)  665  50  632  885  400
DX500 (L/R)  665  50  732  985  500


Pipe dimensions:

Model  E [mm]   F [mm] G [mm]   H [mm]
DX315 Small (L/R)  100  12  16  DN20 (¾")
DX315 Medium (L/R)  100  12  16 DN20 (¾")
DX315 Large (L/R)  100  16  22  DN20 (¾")
DX400 (L/R)  100  22  28  DN20 (¾")
DX500 (L/R)  100  22  28  DN20 (¾")

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