HE/HCE, heating coil (electric)

HCE240 and HCE260

HCE/HE heating coil (electric)

Heating coil HCE/HE is an accessory for the VEX200 and VEX300 ranges. The heating coil is used to increase the temperature of the supply air. The coil can either be controlled by the EXact-/EXact2 control system or supplied for connection to a third-party control system. The heating coil is supplied without insulation.


Use of the heating coil is always recommended as part of the heat exchanger’s frost protection system, ensuring continuous operation even in very cold weather. To achieve the best basis for operation of each unit, calculations should always be carried out with EXHAUSTO’s product selection program EXselectPRO on www.exhausto.com

EXact control, accessories

Accessories for HE/HCE coil

Function/component Description
Temperature sensors TE22: In the supply air duct to measure/control supply air temperature
Overheating protection

TSA70: Situated in the airflow, trips at 70 °C and has automatic reset
TSA120: Situated in the airflow, trips at 120 °C and has manual reset on the coil and the HMI

Control system:
MHCE module

VEX with EXact or EXact2 control system: MHCE module for control of heating coil

Communication: Modbus RTU RS-485
Number of power steps: 1 step
Modulating power steps: 1 step
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V + N+ PE

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