CX3000, Ceiling unit


Ceiling unit in 6 sizes, airflow 55 m³/h – 3395 m³/h

  • For fitting above suspended ceilings
  • Highly compact and powerful
  • Available in LEFT/RIGHT
  • Low sound level
  • EXcon control system
  • Flexible hinges with multiple opening options
  • Complies with hygiene standard VDI 6022

CX3000 Configurator
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CX3000 Ceiling units

Description of CX3000 series

CX3000 ceiling units are available in six sizes, covering airflows up to 3,300 m3/h (ERP18). The CX3000 is designed for integration into a suspended ceiling, or fitting into a ceiling or floor partition. The CX3000 is a highly space-efficient solution, suitable for renovation or new build projects. 

The CX3000 can be selected in a LEFT or RIGHT version. Water heating coil (HW) for installation and additional coils for duct mounting are available as accessories: electric pre-heating coil (PHE), electric post-heating coil (AHE) and/or cooling/heating coil (CCW).

The CX3000 is controlled by the advanced EXcon control system.

CX3000-open doors


The CX3000 is equipped with hinged doors that can be opened on both sides. If the location and space make it difficult to fit the suspended doors, we can supply rails (accessories) that are mounted under the unit so that the doors can be dismantled and placed on the rails while the unit is being serviced.



The CX3000 series is a stock item, which is why the delivery of the unit and selected accessories will take place directly from the central warehouse in Europe.


Use our EXselectPro configuration tool to calculate the solution, select the correct size and put together the accessories required for the project. 

All CX3000 units are supplied as a standard basic model in either the right or left variant. Accessories are supplied separately as kits/parts and are installed in connection with the installation of the unit.   



All CX3000 must be commissioned to ensure that the unit is correctly set up. This is done via a windowsprogram, CX3000 Configurator, which can be downloaded via the link at the top of the page.

Configuration takes place via a LAN cable connected to the EXcon-Master-Module and a PC.


Capacity ranges

CX3000, capacity diagram

Below illustrates which capacity ranges individual VEX sizes cover. To calculate capacity data, use our product selection software EXselectPRO.




The compact unit is designed in accordance with German hygiene standard VDI6022, which ensures units are accessible for service and the formation of mould or other bacteria that could negatively impact air quality is prevented. Read more about this standard in the VDI section under certificates further down this page.


CX3000 Cabinet detail 

The cabinet is constructed of 0.8-mm galvanised steel corrosion class C4 in accordance with EN/ISO12944-2and insulated with 50 mm mineral wool. This results in low noise emissions to the surrounding environment.


Counterflow heat exchanger


Heat recovery takes place via a counterflow heat exchanger in aluminium with a very high efficiency. (80–85% efficiency without condensation, with up to 95% efficiency with condensation).

The integrated bypass damper is used to direct the outdoor air around the heat exchanger if required, e.g. for temperature regulation, night-time cooling and de-icing. (A heating coil is absolutely necessary for de-icing).

Motor sections 


CX3000 motor section

The motors are of type EC and are extremely efficient. They comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive.


Fan impeller


CX3000 composite wheels 

CX3000 is equipped with an optimised centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades.

The wheel is made from a composite material and its shape provides great performance with low energy consumption.


Pre and heating coils and cooling/heating coils

cooling/heating coil

CX3000 accessories
HW: Water heating coil for integration
PHE: Duct-mounted electric preheating coil
AHE: Duct-mounted electric heating coil
CW: Duct-mounted cooling/heating coils 

Find technical data for the different heating and cooling/heating coils under each size.

AHUC - Main board



The easily accessible connection box with built-in isolator switch and control fuses ensures easy access for connection and adjustment. Read more about electrical connection in the guide “Electrical guide for CX3000”


Panel filters


Filter F7 


Panel filters for supply air and extract air– the filters are easy to replace.

The filters are available in the following filter classes:
Extract air:  ePM10 50% (M5)
Supply air ePM1 50% (F7)

See filter size under technical data for the individual CX size.

Filter housing

F9 filter housing

Additional filter housing to improve indoor climate

It is possible to insert a duct-mounted filter box after the unit on the supply air side. 

Filter class: ePM1 80% (F9)

Control system


Control system for CX3000

All CX3000 units are available with integral EXcon control systems for optimum control of the indoor climate in practically every application area.

EXcon control systems can be used for controlling airflows, heating, cooling, etc. The operating program is configured for how and when the control system will switch between the integral functions.

The operation of the unit is constantly monitored by the EXcon control system, which protects the counterflow heat exchanger against icing, against frost damage to the water heating and cooling coils, and against overheating of the electric heating coils.

Using the 3 integrated protocols BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU, it is easy to monitor virtually all parameters via BMS, as well as control the operation of the system.

With the EXcon control system’s many functions, it is possible to optimise and adapt the system's operation to achieve the most energy-efficient regulation by e.g. compensating for the outdoor temperature, changing the regulation to suit the summer or winter season, limit active cooling or heating, automatically lower the temperature setpoint and cool down the building at night during the warm summer periods.


Integrated functions in the EXcon control system for CX3000:

  • Automatic temperature reduction in low-speed operation
  • Alarm and data log
  • Control using a day, week or year plan
  • Extended operation for set periods
  • External switch between regulation levels
  • Alarm email (requires local mail server)
  • Summer night cooling
  • Outdoor air temperature compensation
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Filter monitoring via pressure measurement
  • Portal solution with total monitoring of 5 systems
  • Connection to CTS/BMS via BACnet IP, Modbus TCP or RTU (over 900 registers)
  • 2 configurable digital inputs for:
    - Fire alarm (factory setting)
    - AHU emergency stop
    - Manual override for Low speed
    - Manual override for Medium speed
    - Manual override for High speed (factory setting)
    - Frost alarm
    - External start/stop
    - External reset of alarms
  • 2 configurable outputs for:
    - Operating signal (factory setting)
    - An alarm (factory setting)
    - B alarm
    - Alarm reset
    - Summer night cooling active
    - Summer season active

Control methods

The EXcon control system offers various regulation options, where the larger CX models can also offer pressure-controlled regulation. Below is an overview of the options: 


  • Temperature-controlled de-icing with modulating bypass damper
  • Static monitoring of filter pressure loss
  • Operation of electric heating coils is released using thermostat, which protects against overheating at low airflows.

  • Regulation options:
    - Constant pressure (requires pressure transmitters as accessories)
    - Constant CO2
    - Constant motor speed

  • Temperature controls:
    - Constant supply air
    - Constant room
    - Constant extract air
    - Temperature difference between supply air and extract air

  • Heating and cooling coils:
    Preheating coil, electrical
    - Heating coil, electrical
    - Heating coil, water
    - Cooling coil, water
    - Cooling-heating coil

  • Automatic frost protection of water heating coil and cooling/heating coil
  • 3 regulation steps - Low, Medium and High speed


  • Airflow measurement, adjustable using K factor

  • Dynamic pressure-controlled de-icing with ON/OFF bypass damper in relation to hours
    - Option of selecting temperature controlled de-icing with modulating bypass damper

  • Dynamic monitoring of filter pressure loss in relation to airflow
    - Option to select static monitoring of filter pressure loss

  • Operation of electric heating coils in relation to air volume 

  • Regulation options:
    - Constant airflow
    - Constant pressure (requires pressure transmitters as accessory)
    - Constant CO2
    - Constant motor speed
    - Dynamic pressure (requires pressure transmitters as accessory)

  • Temperature controls:
    - Constant supply air
    - Constant room
    - Constant extract air
    - Temperature difference between supply air and extract air

  • Heating and cooling coils:
    Preheating coil, electrical
    - Heating coil, electric – 2 sizes
    - Heating coil, water
    - Cooling coil, water
    - Cooling-heating coil, water

  • Automatic frost protection of water heating coil and combi-coil
  • 3 regulation steps - Low, Medium and High speed






EU requirements for documentation, energy consumption and labelling of ventilation units.

General information

We have compiled extracts from the Ecodesign guidelines, read more about Ecodesign under Institute

ECO design logo

Ecodesign data

You will find links to Ecodesign data for the individual VEX sizes under the product name and under Download - EU/ECO declarations.


We would point out that the values stated in the declarations have been calculated for a specific operating point.

If a different operating point is desired, we refer to our calculation programs - here you can see if the desired unit meets the requirements of your operating point and find the corresponding Ecodesign data.


CX3000 accessories

  1. 2" HMI touchpanel
  2. Water heating coil for integration (HW)
  3. Electric preheating coil (PHE)
  4. Electric heating coil (HE)
  5. Cooling coil (CW)
  6. Filter housing ISO ePM1 80% (F9) for duct mounting 
  7. Sliding rails for doors
  8. Transition piece
  9. PIR sensor 
  10. Pressure transmitter kit (2x sensors)
  11. CO2sensor – room 
  12. CO2-sensor - duct
  13. Temperature sensor - room
  14. Temperature sensor – outdoor
  15. Smoke detector
  16. BT40-70 fire thermostat
  17. 3 coils extension module
  18. Drain trap for condensation outlet
  19. Closing damper with spring-return (outdoor air/exhaust air)


Room – Touch for EXcon


HW built-in water heating coil









F9 filter housing




Transition piece-CX3010-3020


Novema PIR sensor


PTH4000, PTH-6202, pressure transmitter


CO2 sensor


TS Room


Novema room sensor




UG30 and UG-3-a40 Smoke detector


BT40-70-fire thermostat


Eneko-3-coil extension module


Syphon for VEX40T


Closing damper


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