Technical data

Technical data, VEX330C2 

Unit data:

Min. airflow 135 m³/h
Max. airflow 1,490 m³/h
Absorbed power 1.2 kW
Power supply 1 x 230 V + N + PE∼50 Hz
Max. phase current 5.3 A
Operational-ready unit weight 181 kg
Fluid temperature (air) -20°C to +35°C
Ambient temperature (operating) -20°C to +35°C


Fan data

Max. total efficiency (A-D) 60.1 %
ECO measurement set-up (A-D) A
Efficiency level requirements 62N (2015)
ECO efficiency level during optimal operating point 73.7N

Motor data (optimal operating point)

EC motor With motor controller
Absorbed power 0.50 kW
Airflow 1,355 m3/h
Total pressure 733 Pa
RPM during optimal operating point 3,735



- Density = 1.2 kg/m3
- Pressure ratio < 1,11
- other points in acc. with EC327/2011 (see product instructions)

Temperature efficiency

Temperature efficiency, VEX330C2

VEX300C temperaturvirkningsgrad

stiplet streg
Efficiency with condensation:
Extract air = 20°C/55 RH
Outdoor air  = -10°C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air = 1,0
Efficiency without condensation with imbalance:
Extract air = 25°C/28 RH
Outdoor air = 5°C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air  = 0,8
fed streg Efficiency without condensation in acc. with EN308:
Extract air = 25°C/28 RH
Outdoor air = 5°C/50 RH
Balance between supply air/extract air = 1,0


The temperature efficiency of the VEX units is shown at different airflow ratios, calculated as:

t2,1 = Temperature of outdoor air (fresh air)
t2,2 = Temperature of supply air
t1,1 = Temperature of extract air
Dimensional drawings

Dimensional drawings, VEX330C2  



The VEX330 Ceiling unit with hinged or sliding door is available as a LEFT or RIGHT model.
The drawing below shows the solution with a hinged  door system.

VEX330C2- Left



VEX330C2 - Right


VEX330C accessories - heating coils

Space demand

VEX330C målskema med varmeflader

Cooling and heating coils

Cooling and heating coils, VEX320-330

The following cooling and heating coils are suitable for VEX320-330

Type Model
HE electric heating coil  HE315 - 2 sizes 3.9 kW and 7.8 kW
HW water heating coil  HW315S
DX cooling/heating coil

DX315S (for VEX320 and VEX330C1/330H1)
DX315M (for VEX330C2/330H2)

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