Compact units with counterflow heat exchanger

VEX100CF H+V Compact Units

VEX140-150-160-170 family photo

Airflow 250 m3/h - 8,120 m3/h

  • Compact units
  • Efficient counter flow heat exchanger
  • Integral electric or water heating coil
  • Flexible spigot locations
  • Horizontal and vertical models
  • Can be ordered for outdoors installation

VEX330H Compact unit

Airflow 120 – 1,510 m³/h

  • Compact unit with large output
  • Same unit, Left/Right
  • EXact2, advance control system
  • Water or electric heating coil
  • Can be ordered for fitting outdoor.
  • Quiet operation

VEX340H Compact unit

Airflow 330 - 2,450 m³/h

  • Compact unit
  • Can be transported through 90 cm door opening
  • EXact2, advance control system
  • Can be ordered for fitting outdoor.
  • Quiet operation

VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Compact units

Airflow 780 – 9,200 m³/h

  • Compact units
  • Unique energy-saving design with double bypass
  • EXact2 advanced control system
  • Can be ordered for outdoor installation
  • Can be transported through a 90 cm wide door, VEX370, although in SPLIT 1 version
  • Various heating and cooling coil solutions, VEX370, also with integrated water heating coil

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EUROVENT Certificate

The VEX100, VEX200 and VEX320-370 series are Eurovent certified.
Find certificate here.

VEX100 til process ventilation


We also supply VEX100 with a crossflow heat exchanger  - particularly suitable for process ventilation or other operating situations not covered by the Ecodesign Directive.

Calculation Programs

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VEX280EC - you asked for it!
The VEX200EC range is expanding to include VEX280 – with airflow now up to 18,300 m³/h
Bag filter or cassette filter?
With a VEX350-360-370, you can now choose between a bag filter and a cassette filter