VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Compact units

VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Compact units

See an animation of the unique airways for winter operation, summer operation, de-icing and cold recovery.

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VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Compact units

The VEX350/360/370 range of air handling units with counter flow heat exchangers can deal with airflows of up to 9,200 m³/h.

The design of the units ensures they have a maximum temperature efficiency and a very low SFP figure.

Modular construction

VEX350/VEX360 are modular units , which means they are supplied in sections, so that the units can be transported through door openings as small as 90 x 200 cm . The units can also be ordered as SPLIT models  if there is insufficient room to transport them in sections.

VEX360 split med løftevogn 

VEX370 is also available as a modular construction and can be supplied in two different split versions.


SPLIT 1: The fan sections are supplied ready for operation but the heat exchanger section is not sealed and can be further split into two sections, so that all four sections can be transported through door openings of 90 x 200 cm.


SPLIT 2: For internal transport through smaller door openings. The whole unit is supplied not sealed and can be split into smaller sections so that it may be transported internally and then assembled on site by certified personnel.

VEX370 Split 2

Several options

The design is very flexible. The units can be ordered as a LEFT or RIGHT model with supply air and extract air spigots either on the side or the top of the unit.

The units can also be ordered as outdoor models. Outdoor models are supplied with a cover that protects them from the wind and weather.

Operating conditions

In principle, EXHAUSTO VEX units are designed for use in comfort ventilation - i.e. under ordinary operating conditions.

Where ventilation solutions are required for rooms with high air humidity - e.g. due to humidification, we recommend you make a test calculation with one of our calculation programs. If the calculation shows a risk of condensation after the heat exchanger, an assessment must be made whether the operating conditions can be changed, or whether the unit must be modified to allow condensate to drain off. This is particularly relevant for VEX100CF.

Contact EXHAUSTO for advice on this.


Capacity, VEX350-360-370

Below illustrates which capacity ranges individual VEX sizes cover. To calculate the actual capacity data, use our product selection programs.


Unique air channels


The design of the units means that in transitional periods and during summer, air can be led around the heat exchanger, via the bypass when their is reduces demand or no demand for heat recovery. The unit has a bypass on both the extract air and supply air side. Extract air and outdoor air is filtered during summer and winter operation.

During summer time, operating without heat/cold recovery, both the outdoor air and the extract air is led around the heat exchanger via the bypass. This reduces internal pressure loss and the system uses less power for the ventilators and reduces the SFP value. In summer time, if cold recovery is selected via the EXact2 control system, both air streams will be fed through the heat exchanger.

During wintertime operation with heat recovery, extract air enters at the top and flows vertically down through the counter flow heat exchanger with any condensed water. The outdoor air enters from the bottom and flows up through the heat exchanger, i.e. in counter flow.


Energy and SFP calculations

In the example shown, the specific electricity consumption is reduced on average from 2,000 J/m3 to 1,823 J/m3 throughout the year. The average specific electricity consumption can be used in an energy calculation. The reduction is equivalent to a very significant saving of 9%. This calculation is very dependent upon the prevailing conditions and in every individual case, calculations should be made using the EXselect product selection program.

Conditions for the residential ventilation example given above:

Extract air temperature/humidity:  22°C / 33% RH
Desired supply air temperature:  20°C
Temperature efficiency:  80%
Cold recovery:  Activ

Energy consumption is dependent on the actual situation, the expected extract air temperature and the desired supply air temperature. The energy consumed in de-icing is very dependent upon the humidity of the extract air. In the case of residences, icing of the heat exchangers usually occurs when outdoor air temperatures are approx. -4°C to -6 °C, whereas, in the case of offices, icing does not usually occur.

To minimise energy consumption involved in de-icing, it is important that ice detection is done by measuring pressure loss across the heat exchanger, as with the VEX350/360/370. 



The compact units are designed in accordance with German hygiene standard VDI6022, which ensures units are accessible for service and the formation of mould or other bacteria that could negatively impact air quality is prevented. Read more about this standard under certificates at the bottom of the page.




Cabinets are made from Aluzinc® AZ185 class C4 in accordance with EN/ISO 12944-2 and insulated with 50 mm mineral wool. This results in low noise emissions to the surrounding environment/installation room.

The panel design minimises the formation of thermal bridges in the unit.


Motor sections


The motor sections are mounted in vibration dampers, which reduces noise in the ducts and eliminates the need to fit flexible connections between the unit and the duct system.

The motor sections can be extracted for easier servicing.

The motors are of type EC and are extremely efficient. They comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive.


Fan impeller


EXstream performance:

The units are equipped with EXHAUSTO EXstream impellers, one of the leading air fan impellers on the market in terms of low energy consumption and low sound level.

The fan impeller rpm and the number of vanes have been optimised so that the “vane frequency” is in the 500 Hz band. This means that fewer/smaller silencers are required than normal and it costs less to sound proof at frequencies of 500 Hz than it does with frequencies of 125/250 Hz (the typical range)

AHUC - Main board



The easily accessible  connection box with built-in switch disconnector and control system fuses ensures easy access for connecting and service.


Pose og kassefiltre

VEX350-360-370 series can be supplied with panel filters and bag filters.

Panel filters: Coarse 85% (M5) or ePM1 55% (F7)
Bag filters: ePM10 60% (M5) or ePM1 60% (F7)


Mounting base


A mounting base with adjustable feet is supplied as standard. The base height is adjustable from 130–160 mm.

The unit must be assembled at the bottom using the base and via the hinges on the top.


VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Energy-efficient ventilation

The design of the units has placed particular focus on smooth airflow through the unit in order to achieve the lowest possible pressure loss.

Counter flow heat exchanger


The counter flow heat exchanger is made of aluminium and the airflows are 100% separated. Its design ensures the ratio between heat recovery and pressure loss is optimum, i.e. extremely high temperature efficiency is achieved at low levels of energy consumption. There are four counter flow heat exchangers in the VEX350/VEX360 and six counter flow heat exchangers in the VEX370.

- Efficiency level without condensation: 80–85 %
- Efficiency with condensation: Up to 90 %

- VEX350: qty. 4 à 13,5 kg
- VEX360: qty. 4 à 19,0 kg
- VEX370: qty. 6 à 19,0 kg

EC motors

EC-motor_MC The combination of modern EC motors and the EXHAUSTO motor controller delivers extremely low energy consumption and with the EXstream impeller, a high output is achieved. 

Energy labelling

An energy label  that states the energy class of the unit in relation to defined operating conditions is available via the EXHAUSTO calculation calculation programs.

Unique frost protection

VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 Innovative ice detection and de-icing function

The VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 design achieves very high temperature efficiency in winter and a large reduction in specific electricity consumption for air transport in the summer.

Bypass design

This is due to the unique bypass design on both the extract air and supply air side. In this manner. both extract air and supply air is directed around the heat exchanger, when there is no demand for heat recovery. Meaing that both the internal pressure loss and the fans' rpm are reduced which means the unit uses less electrical power – the specific electricity consumption for air transport.

During wintertime operation, both extract air and supply air are directed through the heat exchanger. With summertime operation, both air streams are directed around the heat recovery and in the transition periods both air streams are modulated to achieve the desired supply air temperature. Extract air and outdoor air is filtered during summer and winter operation.

The extract air enters at the top and flows vertically down through the heat exchanger with any condensed water and ensures the most stable operation. The outdoor air flows up through the heat exchanger, i.e. in counter flow, which ensures the very high temperature efficiency.

Frost protection
Every heat recovery system runs the risk of ice formation and many parameters are involved. The most important parameters are:

- High temperature efficiency
- High humidity in the extracted air
- Low outdoor air temperature

When the energy from the extracted air is used (to cool air), the moisture condenses to water vapour, which collects in the heat exchanger. To ensure low pressure loss and minimise the risk of icing, the VEX350/VEX360/VEX370 is designed so that the condensed water and the extracted air run down through the exchanger. The high efficiency with low outside temperature means that some areas inside the heat exchanger become very cold, and in these areas water may freeze and form ice. This can block the airflow.

Ice-detection occurs via monitoring of pressure loss across the heat exchanger. With low humidity in the extraction side, e.g. from offices, the temperature can fall below 0°C without any ice forming. This means that de-icing only starts when there is ice! So no waste of energy due to unnecessary de-icing.

When/if ice begins to form in the counter flow heat exchanger and pressure loss through the exchanger increases, the de-icing function starts. The function is dependent on various conditions, as shown in the example above. The methods are described in greater detail in the units' instructions.



EXHAUSTO puts great emphasis on providing accurate data. So we use a third party to measure and check our data.

Eurovent certification

All data provided with the VEX100/VEX100CF/VEX200/VEX300 model has been measured.

The units have completed a major test programme in our development department and all of the capacity, efficiency and sound data is collected via testing and in real operating situations.

In accordance with EN1886 and EN13053, Eurovent has tested and certified that EXHAUSTO VEX units meet the following requirements and classes:
Unit’s stiffness:
Air tightness class at -400 Pa:
Air tightness class at +700 Pa:
Filter bypass leakage:
Insulation class:
Thermal bridge class:

L1 (M)
L1 (M)
T2 (M), U1≤1,0
TB3 (M)

This means that a third party has checked that the data that our product calculation program produces complies with the real performance of the unit. Eurovent checks the data by selecting a unit at random and testing that unit at their own facility. If our stated data complies with the Eurovent's test results, we retain our certification. This guarantees the customer that our data is valid.

VDI 6022 - German hygiene standard

EXHAUSTO has designed its units in accordance with the German hygiene standard VDI 6022.

VDI 6022 requirements
The unit's design must make cleaning easy. There may not be areas that cannot physically be cleaned and voids that are inaccessible must be sealed. Plates must be deburred to ensure edges are smooth and corners must be rounded to avoid the risk of injury when cleaning.

In addition,the condensation tray must decline to the outlet, so that water cannot remain in the unit. It is important that the condensation outlet is connected to the drainage system on a horizontal surface.

All non-metallic materials (e.g. seals, filters), are tested to show that they do not promote growth of mould spores and bacteria.

Because the unit is designed in accordance with VDI 6022, it is both more hygienic and easier to clean.


Ecodesign - EU requirements for documentation, energy consumption and labelling of ventilation units.



General information

We have made a compilation of extracts from the Ecodesign guidelines, read more about Ecodesigne here.


Ecodesign data

You will find links to Ecodesign data for the individual VEX sizes under the product name and in the Download section, where we have located Ecodesign data under EU/ECO declarations.


We would point out that the values stated in the declarations have been calculated for a specific operating point.

If a different operating point is desired, we refer to our calculation programs - here you can see whether the desired unit meets the requirements for your operating point and you will find the associated Ecodesign data.

Cooling and heating coils


The following cooling and heating coils are available with the VEX350/VEX360/VEX370:

Water heating coils - HW

HCW firkantet kanal

Uninsulated external water heating coils. A flexible solution where the heating coil can be fitted where it is most suitable, i.e. the coil can be fitted indoors even if the units is installed outside.

More information about the heating coil is found under Cooling and heating coils.

Ingenerated water heating coil HCW-I   

Only with VEX370
VEX370 IHCW part

Insulated, integrated water heating coil for VEX370. This solution is designed so that the actual VEX unit has 50 mm insulation and is supplied fitted on the supply air section can be detached very quickly during internal transport.

  • an attractive solution with no pressure loss in the couplings
  • space saved in the technical depot
  • specially well suited for outdoor installation

Electric heating coils - HE 

HCE elvarmeflade firkantet studs

Uninsulated external electric heating coil. A flexible solution where the heating coil can be fitted where it is most suitable, i.e. the coil can be fitted indoors even if the units is installed outside.

For  VEX350/VEX360 the electrical heating coil is standard, but for the VEX370 can be delivered as a special solution if required.

More information about the heating coils is found under Cooling and heating coils

Cooling coils - CW 

CCW firkantet studs Cooling coil - is available insulated or uninsulated. A flexible solution is to cool ventilation air in those rooms that require it, e.g. south-facing rooms. Frequently, north-facing rooms do not require cooling.

More information about the cooling coil is found under  Cooling and heating coils.

Cooling coil/heating coil - DX

DX cooling 150100 Uninsulated external coil that can be used both as an evaporator (cooling coil) and condenser (heating coil).

More information about the DX coils is found under Cooling and heating coils.

SPLIT version

VEX350-360-370H is available as a split version.

With some projects, limited space means that internal transport of the air handling unit is difficult or impossible. This is why the VEX350-360-370H is available as a split version. It means that the air handling unit can be assembled and tested at the factory as normal – just without sealant. The air handling unit can therefore be easily taken apart at the installation site, transported as single sections, assembled, sealed and commissioned.

The table below shows the dimensions of the largest section (counterflow heat exchanger) and largest cabinet section, so that it can easily be determined whether there is sufficient space to allow internal transport.

Section Dimensions VEX350H VEX360H VEX370H
Counterflow heat exchanger Height [mm] 620 620 620
Length [mm] 395 395 395
Depth [mm] 450 600 600
Weight [kg]
13.5 19 19
Biggest cabinet section Height [mm] 1600 1600 1600
Width [mm]
826 826 800
Depth [mm] 945 945 1400
Motor section Weight [kg]  2 x 26 2 x 32 2 x 40

VEX350360 Split

VEX350-360 SPLIT version



A wide range of accessories are available with the VEX350/VEX360/VEX370.

Closing damper - LS

Lukkespjæld firkantet studs Closing damper with or without spring-return, for indoor or outdoor fitting.

Outdoor installation

VEX360OD 150100

The cabinet is insulated with 50 mm mineral wool.

For outdoor installations, the unit is supplied with a cover that allows cables to be run under the cover on both sides, and at the back of the unit.

We recommend the outdoor unit is fitted with additional support as described in the instructions.

Water trap

EXHAUSTO also offers a water trap for the unit's condensation drain in dimension DN32.

SIPHONUP (negative pressure) for connection to condensation outlet from the unit.
SIPHONOP (overpressure) for connection to any cooling coil in the supply air duct.

SIPHONHE02 (accessory) hot-wire is used to keep the water trap and water pipe free of ice. A thermostat is fitted to the hot wire to ensure low energy consumption.

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Ecodesign Directive

EXHAUSTO VEX air handling units and fans comply with the Ecodesign Directive. Read more here.

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